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About this time of year, not unsurprisingly, everyone seems to be making New Years resolutions, which I’ve always thought is a rather strange tradition. They are always decisions to be better, do more (or less) of something, start something new etc etc. Why don’t people just start doing these things when they think of them. If you’re planning on giving up smoking in the New Year, why wait till the 1st? If you’re going to start learning the guitar, why wait till January?

Is there something special about the 1st few days of the year that I’ve missed for the last 25 years?

Thats why my ‘resolution’ is coming out on the 29th of December… ‘cos thats when I thought of it.

So next year, I plan to write comprehensively more on the following subjects:

God & Christ

Central to my life is my faith. I rarely seem to talk about it to non-Christians, and over the last 6 months I’ve written only a couple of articles (Jonah Part 1, Jonah Part 2, Zombie Jesus) about it. In the new year I’m starting to go through some fairly heavy material that should inspire my God-focused blogging. Stay tuned!

Web Development

2012 looks like its going to be quite an eventful year for me, Web-Dev wise anyway. January to March already seems booked up with some very interesting development projects, which I’m sure I’ll be listing the results of on my portfolio.

Blender 3D

For those who aren’t aware, Blender 3D is a free yet very powerful software to generate 3D artwork, animations and films. I already have a few ideas I want to get working on, although paid-work, freelance web development and other commitments come first. I’ve done a few pieces of work in Blender 3D in 2011, with only my FAB Lolly, Zombie Drinks Can and Deserted Mine Track making it onto my blog. Hopefully 2012 will see some more art uploaded, as well as a few animations or short films.

Film Reviews

The bread-and-butter of my blog when I started was film reviews (you can see some of my fav’s here and here), so in 2012 I plan to get back to it. Three of my favourite films reviewed  this year were Batman Begins, Inception and Star Trek.


So there’s my plan of 2012. What is everyone else planning? Do you have a ‘New Years Resolution’?

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  • Ross W says:

    I like to make positive resolutions. My favourite was my doomed-from-the-start attempt to learn a popular song every week. You can read about the attempt over on my blog: http://blog.wintle.me.uk/category/52-songs/

    I’d love to do something like that again. Highly ambitious, creative, fun, and positive.

  • Kerry says:

    Ooo New Year’s resolutions, not really thought about it. My usual ones are to do more of my ‘craft’ work (knitting, cross-stitching etc.) and to take better care of my finances.

    Both of which end up sliding away from me unnecessarily. :-/

    Apart from these, I’ll continue working on my faith and also spending more quality time with those that are important to me.

    Will certainly look forward to reading your blogs throughout 2012, Paul. 🙂

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