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The bible is made up of many different sized books; some easy to digest smaller books, while others are far greater in volume. For example Psalms and Jeremiah are stupendous in size, being about 43,000 and 42,000 words respectively.¬†None-the-less, I always find it easier to follow a book when it’s bullet pointed, so here are the key facts for the book of Jonah.

This article is a precursor to a short bible study on the book of Jonah I’ll be posting in the future. In fact here is that short bible study on the main points of Jonah.

Study: The main points of Jonah

Bite Size Bible – Jonah and the Whale

  1. Jonah is a man of God; one who accurately hears prophetic words from Him.
  2. Jonah obeys the word until one day God tells him to preach to the city of Nineveh, in the Assyrian empire. Jonah wont deliver the message.
  3. Disobeying God, Jonah attempts to flee God’s presence by sea.
  4. Caught in a dangerous storm, Jonah is saved from the choppy waves by a miraculous fish-related event.
  5. Safely returned to the shore, God once again speaks to Jonah. Putting personal feelings aside, Jonah journeys to Nineveh to deliver the message.
  6. Once in Nineveh, God’s message is delivered to the king and his people. The entire population of Nineveh immediately repents.
  7. As Jonah didn’t like the Ninevites, he was “greatly displeased and became angry” at their repentance. He left the city and camped overlooking it, to see what would become of Nineveh.
  8. To teach Jonah compassion and mercy, God provides and ministers to him while he remains in the scorching desert. Jonah misses the point of the lessons and continues to be angry and stubborn.

So there it is; Jonah in 8 simple bullet points. Its hardly a big book lurking in the Old Testament, so if you can I’d recommend reading it with a cuppa’ tea (yes its that short).

Now that we’ve summarised the written scripture, you have to ask what the point of this book is? I mean every book is in the Bible to teach us one or more lessons, but what lessons are there in Jonah? Well I’ve now got round to writing up what I think some of the key points of the book of Jonah.

I hope you’ll agree that this book is considerably more than just a guy and a fish! It wasn’t until I dived into it that I realised it. Check out that link above and see what I think some of the finer points of this piece of scripture are.

Till later, God bless

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