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After quite a few weeks away from my blog (please don’t count… its quite a few), I thought I’d finally get round to writing up a few more film reviews to ease myself back in.

What better film to review than one based on a bunch of genetically cloned, long-extinct, meat-eating monsters that tower over and consume any human being! That is of course, Steven Spielbergs brilliant Jurassic Park that came out in 1993 (awwww, I was 7). Thankfully Jurassic Park is being made into BluRay, which means its also being shown at the cinemas again! Yippie!

The story goes that a new adventure park is being constructed on a remote tropical island, one that is half rides and half zoo. A zoo where all of the animals have been bred from fossilised DNA found inside ancient mosquitoes preserved inside amber, allowing geneticists to breed themselves a nice bunch of carniverous and herbivore animals.

To get through the red tape, the park owner Richard Attenborough, invites two palaeontologists (Sam Neill and Laura Dern) and a ‘Chaos’ Mathematician (Jeff Goldblum) to give their outside opinion and hopefully back the completion of the park.

Needless to say while they’re on the Island, a disgruntalled park employee (Wayne Knight) shuts down several systems in an attempt to steal the labs frozen supply of dinosaur embryos. As dominoes begin to start falling, the parks containment fences soon become deactivated with obvious consequences. The park now spirals into a disaster scenario with members of the public stranded in the T-Rex area and all safety systems disabled. They must make their way through the miles of parkland roads back to the safety of the visitor centre, while being stalked and attack by creatures whom skeletons they once excavate for a living.

Velociraptor - Jurassic Park

Who's a cute little velociraptor

Unknown to the stranded park guests, the visitor centre is not doing much better either. With systems failing and dinosaurs at the doors, some tough decisions have to be made.

This film is a great production by Steven Spielberg; with very strong performance from all the main characters, especially Richard Attenborough and Sam Neill. Kids are usually a weak point in a film I find, but the two in this film do their job very well and very convincing. Plus they bring a nice few moments of humour to the film. Samuel L. Jackson is in this film but he plays a very minor role, so don’t go watching it thinking you’ll see much Jackson action.

Not only do the characters carry off the script very well, but the special effects in this film are staggering, still easily beating many effects you’d see in films, 18 years later. The dinosaurs are very believable and convey across the difference qualities of the dinosaur perfectly, whether its the strength of the T-Rex or the dexterity of the velociraptor.

It contains some very jumpy moments, with suspense levels being high once the action gets going. All in all a great movie although probably not for everybody!

Director: Steven Spielberg

Actors: Sam Neill, Richard Attenborough, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Wayne Knight, Samuel L Jackson

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