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The world of professional hit-man Leon (Jean Reno) begins to collapse when he saves his neighbours 12-year-old daughter from a gang of corrupt DEA cops. With nowhere else to go and revenge on her mind, Mathilda begins to learn Leon’s tricks-of-the-trade.

As the 12-year-old developers her new dark craft, Leon discovers a compassionate side to himself and rekindles a passion for happiness, finally culminating in him wanting to end his current ‘career’ path.

After Mathilda is followed back to their apartment the DEA perform a raid to revenge the death of other corrupt cops, however they’ve never come up against Leon before.


I saw this film years ago and would have put it down as an excellent 5/5 film, however seeing it now its lost a little of its charm. Still a good film and solid performances from Jean Reno, a very young Natalie Portman (as Mathilda) and Gary Oldman (as DEA Officer Standford), however interactions between Portman and Reno have quite an awkward edge to them as she falls in love with him and the film seems to be lacking a little bit of depth.

This latter point probably made more so by the release of some outstanding recent films such as Batman Begins, Inception and 3:10 To Yuma.

Overall a good film worth watching, although I’ll be honest and admit I’m not entirely sure what type of people would enjoy it the most.

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