Film: 3:10 to Yuma (Review of 4/5)

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Nothing beats a modern made Western, especially when it has Russel Crowe AND Christian Bale in it! How can 3:10 to Yuma be anything but a good movie?

3:10 To Yuma

Dan Evans (Bale) is a family man running a cattle ranch with a bleak future, the farm and its land is withering away to nothing and soon Evans is likely to lose more than just his cattle heard.

However, Ben Wade (Crowe), is a ruthless yet clever gang leader who has been causing no end of trouble for the rail road thats being built across the opens lands of America.

When Ben Wade gets caught by the authorities, Dan Evans and a small group of law-men and guns-for-hire must escort him across the country to a prison train… the 3:10 to Yuma. Before their adventure begins, Wade’s gang discover the plan and are hell-bent on getting their boss back.

With betrayal, empty promises, greed and prices on everyone’s heads – this film gets both physically and emotionally brutal. Tension goes through the rough when local citizens are put at risk while authority and law struggle to keep in control.

3:10 to Yuma. A conclusion of goodness

I think this is a great film, its very well directed, visually stunning, has a great cast and you really feel for some of the actors, especially Dan Evans (Bale). You see both sides of the actors, dark and light, which I think helps it be one of those films again I would watch a few times.

There is quite a lot behind the characters and the motives of their decisions, so you can easily dissect this film for both it’s philosophical and moral threads, however that’s well outside my scope for this article.

Whether you watch Westerns or not, I’d strongly recommend this film.

All in all a top film. Easily 4/5 scored

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