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The government of a small Colorado town have been forced to call in the military after initial reports that a disease is quickly spreading from one local to another.

As the local hospitals begin to fill up with people coughing up blood, the infected individuals all turn into zombies and literally tear the city apart. As a small group of family members and military infantry try and survive the horror, they accidentally stumble upon the cause of the outbreak. However can they stay alive long enough for them to be able to ride out this deadly plague sweeping through the town.

This is another remake of a George A. Romero zombie classic, unfortunately this one doesn’t pull it off. Infact this is one of the worst films of this genre I’ve seen.

First of all the zombies. The joy of this genre is you know what the enemy is going to be like, although every now and then they are tweaked slightly by the directed, yet they’re still recognisable. However in this film ALL previous zombie molds have been broken. They can now run insanely quickly and seem to love jumping around like cats, despite obviously being dead, oh and fundamentally still human. One scene actually has a zombie crawl across the ceiling in a very Resident Evil style fashion, not cool! I have no problems with the mold being tweaked (E.g. basic intelligence shown in Land of the Dead), but the mold should atleast still be recognisable. Zombies should at MOST have human properties, not super human properties, this isn’t a Marvel super hero genre here.

There’s just too much cheese. Dial it down! Zombie flics aren’t obviously known for their down-to-earth directing, but still there’s only so much cheese you can ignore without it effecting the film. For example one of the military guys, Bub (played by Stark Sands), becomes bitten and turns into a zombie. Strangely enough Bub doesn’t seem to want to eat his fellow military partners, why not… because he was a vegetarian. How does that even work?! Normal people become infected and lose their compassion for the entire human race to fulfil their hunger for blood, but a dietary decision seems to trump that urge? Shocking.

The casting and characters weren’t brilliant either. The lead actress Sarah (played by Mena Suvari) is fairly weak in her performance and doesn’t suit the militay or lead performer role. The other performances play to their character or racial steriotypes, with none of them having any depth at all. Now I’m not hot on my American military, but Bub isn’t armed because he isn’t trained with firearms (or something stupid) and Sarah has a gone but isn’t allowed to carry ammo… right ok then.

The editing and the plot. Probably the most annoying aspect of this film is all the sped-up footage. This was an instant fail for me. This was obviously done to enhance how fast these new style of zombies can run, but its so badly executed.
During the closing scene a broadcaster is heard mentioning that there’s reports that the Pine Valley flu virus has been contained but a few bodies have been found. Eh hello? 99% of the population ripped itself to shreds, nearly every car was destroyed and a military quarantine checkpoint was overran.

Which reminds me of another annoying point. Even though the Military had quarantined the town, there seems to only be about 5 soldiers in the city. Plus when the survivers reach the boundary they’re fired upon by zombies with M16’s. The zombies can’t even fire in the right direction, the survivors are armed AND in a bullet proof vehicle… yet they flee back into more dangerous areas. Why?
This film is obviously named ‘Day of the Dead’, which by itself applies a lot higher standards than if it was brought out under a different name. If you’re going to joke around with the main culture behind the genre and use badly casted people for the key roles, don’t slap the ‘of the Dead’ title to anything, let alone a name already used by Romero!

All in all I was very disappointed with this rendition; over done editting, mixed with predictable moments and inconsistant characters makes for a bad final product. Avoid at all costs. I did originally score this at 2 out of 10, but I’ve drawn a blank at writting any positives about the film so have dropped the rating to the lowest I can.

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