Kick Ass (Film review of 4/5)

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Like most people who have been told the basic concept of this film, or seen the artwork, or both, you may think ‘cos its about 3 masked hero kids that Kick Ass is going to be quite a ‘Disney’ style childrens films. Kick Ass – is in a league of its own!

That childish pre-conception of the film is 100% wrong.

Kick Ass

The main character is Dave Lizewski, a nerdy comic book reading ignored-at-school type. One day he is pushed too far, he has been mugged and bullied one too many times. Now he’s determined to become a super hero straight from one of his comic books, main problem is he has no super powers and any training to help him fight crime.

He quickly finds he’s not alone at being a kid super hero and slowly gets drawn into the deadlier world of one girl and her father taking down a criminal king-pin.
With unexpected levels of action, violence and language, this film left me completely blown away from my original misconception of the film.

Mini-actors: how’d they do?

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), Mindy Macready (Chloe Moretz) and Damon Macready (Nicolas Cage) all play their characters exceptional well. Its well directed and edited, and also has a great soundtrack.

Definitely a funny yet light-hearted action film I’ll be watching again.

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