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In a nut shell, Limitless is about a dried up writer who stumbles upon a drug that enables him to unlock the full potential of the human brain. As his new ‘power’ becomes more and more important in his life, he gets drawn into a completely different life. The problem is can he, and his mind, handle this new life.

The story in slightly more details: Brandon Cooper plays Eddie Morra, the writer who can’t write anything. After taking this tablet, he finds not only can he finish his book in days, but he can now predict stock markets, can win at poker and generally starts living the high-roller lifestyle that big bucks promise.

He starts to realise that other more powerful people are also taking this new NZT super drug. With the death of the NZT dealer, everyones supply is running dangerously low. With everyones ability to stay at the top of their game now in jeopardy, tempers and actions quickly become frayed.

With other non-pleasant side-effects of the drug also effecting his life, Eddie has some serious life choices to make.

All in all I thought this was a good film, definitely making me wonder about how the world would be different if someone did have this ability. Razor sharp focus, the super human ability to recall every book and fact you’ve ever read, and learning kung-fu just by recalling Bruce Lee films has got to be a bonus too đŸ™‚ This film now has the award for first film to ever make my yelp in the cinema, I wont spoil which scene it was, but it involves a needle being used as a weapon. Luckily everyone else in the cinema had the same reaction too đŸ˜‰

The only issue I have with this film, is it seems to brush aside the health aspect of the drug it focuses on in the middle of the film, and the ending seems very confused. Kind of one of those endings they try and make clever and thought provoking, with in reality it just becomes confusing. Or was that just me?

Good film, well acted, just let down by a few minor points.

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