Star Trek (Film review of 5/5)

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Star Trek

This film I didn’t go see at the cinema (In hindsight: a bad decision), mainly because even though I do love the sci-fi genre I’m not a fan of the Star Trek / Babalon 5 / Deepspace 9 franchises. After a lot of recommendations I bought it on Blu Ray (it was on Sale at Amazon, I thought why not!) and was very pleasantly surprised.

The cast of Star TrekThankfully it doesn’t require any knowledge of the series its obviously built on, so a plus there. The timeline throughout the film is a bit screwy (technical term) due to the ability of time travel, but if you can fathom that out (or just ignore it), then film doesn’t push the boundaries of sci-fi.

Star Trek is mainly a film of friendships developing between the characters and a few leadership quarrels. There are some very sad scenes involving sacrifices and loss of loved ones, something that sci-fi general doesn’t do too much. This mixed together with some stunning space scenes, a handful of comical moments and some great acting makes for a wonderful film.

Both the lead actors, Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) put in some of the best performances I’ve seen. Pine’s life and goals conflict heavily with the Starfleets methods, while Spock is heavily confused and criticised for being half-Vulcan / half-Human.

Main Cast of Star Trek

I would definitely recommend watching it even if you’re not a sci-fi fan, just pretend it doesn’t have the words Star Trek on the front and you’ll probably overcome half your hurdles.

Great work by Abrams and some fine acting

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