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Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) leads a small team of explorers and treasure hunters in the life-long obsession to find an American Civil War battleship, the Iron Clad, in the war torn areas of West Africa.

Starting in Lagos the team move north to where their contact may have once found the evidence to the new resting place of the Iron Clad. With 2 WHO members (World Heath Organisation, not the band) joining them as “they’re going the same way”, we discover that there is also a plague of death is breaking out across Africa, and the local dictator is refusing to take-control or advice from the WHO.

As the 2 doctors begin to push for the discovery and source of the plague, the dictator decides enough is enough and starts sending attack boats, armourer Jeeps and entire squads of troops to silence them.

Needless to say with McConaughey at her side, Eva Rojas (PenĂ©lope Cruz) is kept nice and safe… well she’s kept alive anyway.

This film seems to be an obvious blend of the story of Indiana Jones and National Treasure, panning vistas from The Mummy (minus the pyramids of course), coupled with outrageousness of Tomb Raider and random James Bond style villain bases (the Solar plant that is threatening to destroy the world). Unfortunately it seems to lack the draw of any of these films.

This film just tries to fit far too much into it; get rid of the whole Iron Clad rubbish storyline, remove the 60 second scene where we learn the whole worlds water supply, including all marine life, will perish if they fail their ‘mission’… and try to cut down on some of the McConaughey ‘look at me’ moments. That’d make it a much better film.

On the flip side, a few plus points ‘cos the film wasn’t dreadful:

  • The storyline about the plague + dictator + solar array base was rather good. Just drop the Iron Clad and pending ‘doomsday’ aspects.
  • McConaughey and his side kicks (played by Rainn Wilson and Steve Zahn) do make for enjoyable scenes.
  • A good selection of adrenaline pumping music to keep the excitement up when there wasn’t any.
  • The whole film was filled with enough action, new locations that sprung up randomly and entire new aspects to the plot that it was fairly entertaining throughout.

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