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What do you give your brother for this birthday when he already has everything? How about an experience he’ll never forget.

Wealthy cooperate man Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas) receives a very strange birthday present from his wayward brother. This present is an all consuming life game, one that can’t be turned off or put down. A game that’s not just in your life, but quickly becomes it.

As strange events start following Nicholas’ around the city and his home, he realises this game is quickly becoming more than he signed up for. His house is ransacked, entire car parks of people vanish, strange gifts arrive and people fall down with heart attacks… his life is out of control.

Trying to confront the organises Nicholas arrives at a long-abandoned building, one that was filled with staff and furniture just days before. Is it paranoia or is something very wrong happening.


This thriller twists and turns as we follow Nicholas on his path as the game and his life intertwine. A good film and a very strong performance from Michael Douglas.

Director: David Fincher

Actors: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger


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