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After celebrating a colleagues birthday, hostage negotiator Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is called out for an impromptu midnight meeting with his closest friend, Nate, regarding a sensitive corruption issue occurring in their own police prescient.

The next day Danny is hauled into the station under a false murder charge and allegations of corruption including stealing vast quantities of money from the stations disability fund. Nate had warned Danny that the corruption had pointed to dirty cops in the Internal Affairs department, the officers who’re now handling the murder case that’s been pinned on Danny.

With his entire life being taken away and his friends being turned against him, Danny takes desperate measures to prove his innocence by taking the Internal Affairs chief hostage within their own government building.

Roman & Sabian See Eye to Eye

Roman & Sabian open negotiations

This leads to an incredibly tense and clever film, as hostage negotiator becomes hostage taker. He knows the teams, he knows the hand book and he knows the rules – but this time those rules won’t work.

Its not a film of beautiful locations (it occurs mainly in a single office and a barge), its not a gun-hoe frenzy and its not a film of any special effects, but it an amazing script which in my eyes makes this film timeless. The performances from Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey are solid, some of the best I’ve seen by these two seasoned actors. A 3rd performance worth mentioning is that of Paul Giamatti who plays either an informant or petty-crime figure, who brings many moments of comedy to the otherwise very tense scenes. He helps keep this film from becoming too dark and his lines are delivered brilliantly.

This is a must watch for any fans of tense or clever films.

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