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As people may be aware, I do enjoy playing card and board games. Even prefer them to games consoles. They are 10x more strategic and 100x harder to master.

They don’t obviously have the graphics or sound that PS3 games have, but they’re also a lot better when you have friends round. You actually talk to each then! Plus a new PS3 game is £50 these days… so thats quite a few physical games for the same outlay.

To round off an evening of Fajitas, music, Settlers of Catan, San Juan and Forbidden Island, my friends busted out a game of cards called Fluxx. I’d never heard or played it before.

Basically at the start of the game you’re dealt 3 cards and there is one rule; pick up a card, discard or play a card. Simple. Infact at the beginning of the game there isn’t even a goal to win! Thats because every card that is played changes the game. Some will change how you play (pick up X cards not 1, discard X cards, swap hands etc), some change the goal, some help you towards a goal (but not neccessarily the current one to win) and some are just annoying (everyone must discard all cards).

We played a few rounds of Fluxx and I really enjoyed it. An immediate convert to the game. The fact that I was dealt a goal card and the two cards to complete that goal at the start, may have helped with one round đŸ™‚

I would definately recommend this game; its quick, fun, has a lot of re-playability (is that a word?), easy to transport to friends and can have up to 6 players apparently.

In fact I was so impressed I immediately ordered the Zombie version (cos’ lets face it, things are even better in Zombie form)

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