Zombie Survival: Pre-Outbreak Planning

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Week 2 of this zombie survival series focuses on what things you should be doing before an outbreak that can significantly improve your odds of riding out the wave of death.

Last week we covered the zombies themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their resources and the virus (briefly). If you haven’t read it yet I thoroughly recommend reading Week 1: Know Thy Zombie

Now with all the best training material, schedules and regimes set in place; the majority of people are still going to be zombie food before sun up. Not because they weren’t prepared, but just because of the speed the virus will spread and the chaos that’ll replace humdrum society in a blink-of-the-eye. People with perfectly good ‘zombie proofed’ houses, with stores of food and water, will still need to go to their jobs, visit friends and generally leave the house on a semi-regular basis.

So assuming you’re going to at least maintain a shred of normal life before the zombies rise up; there’s a few things to consider.

    • “Rule #1: Cardio”, Columbus from Zombieland got this survival tip 100% right. If its one thing you need when escaping the zombies, its a good healthy cardio’ system. “Zombies cant run though” I hear you scream, that is correct. However if you bump into a zombie and are unable to kill him, his moan will alert dozens (if not hundreds) more zombies to your location. If you can’t get through the door, out the building, or into safety before they turn up… you’re done for.
    • Make a ‘Go bag’. This is also sometimes called a survival kit or a grab bag. Essentially a ‘go bag’ its a small collection of basic resources and tools, always ready and grouped together in a known, easy to access area. A sturdy duffel bag or rucksack is idea to store everything in. I’ll talk more about this bag when we cover your gear, but it’ll include such things as torches, matches, bottled water, basic long-life food supply, knives, pain killers etc.
    • Know your military bases, ok I don’t mean study them, learn the guards name and the General in charge. I mean location, location, location. Going with the zombie portrayed in Week 1: Know Thy Zombie, the first cases will be in close proximity to military research basis, storage depots or testing ranges. Perhaps even a military hospital or morticians too. The location of these bases although not usually regarded as secret, aren’t obviously broadcast too openly or frequently. My nearest one, Porton Down is listed as a ‘military science park’, sounds all nice and fluffy, until you realise they help develop such chemical weapons as mustard gas, chlorine poison gas and VX nerve gas. The latter being the green chemical agent used in the film The Rock. Knowing these key locations should help you notice any local news stories that happen to be similar to zombie symptoms, lookout especially for spree murders, reports of extreme mental breakdowns leading to attacks, or unexplained killings. Also if you need to flee, make sure its away from this high profile, highly infected areas.
    • Get down the range. Now for some people that’ll mean hitting some golf balls down a field… but hopefully people realise I’m talking a firing range here. I think America is fairly unique with its gun laws and gun-to-person ratio, but if guns are allowed in your country (even if you don’t own one yourself), it’ll pay dividends to know basic shooting techniques. Many people think having a gun means your guaranteed to survive a zombie uprising, but unless you have been taught how to shoot, how to clean and clear a jam, can reload under pressure and can prioritise targets…. you’re probably living with a false sense of security.
    • Parkour aka PK or free-running. This is technically a sport, but its main concept in the continual motion from point A to point B using gymnastic style moves involving climbs, rolls, vaults and jumps. Hmmm ok that explanation kinda makes it sound a bit gay, when in reality its fairly amazing to see what kind of obstacles you can overcome once you’ve trained your body and mind in the ‘art’ of parkour. Here’s a video showing some of the things these people can over come…
    • “I know Kung Fu” (Neo, The Matrix). In fact any martial arts is likely to come in useful, especially ones that focus on escaping from holds. I think Jujitsu fits this bill, but I must admit I don’t know my Karate from my Kung Fu or my MMA from my Aikido. Some martial arts also have areas of their training in using basic items as weapons, regardless if yours does or not, you must remember at all times that there are no pain spots or pressure points on a zombie. Learn how to escape a hold or grapple, then learn to dispatch your enemy (head shots!) or flee.
    • Become a bookworm. Although during the zombie apocalypse there will be times you have nothing to do, and keeping yourself busy by reading would be a wise idea, but reading before those pesky undead guys come strolling is definitely time well spent. Basic knowledge of a variety of subjects is going to help a long way, even if it just prepares you psychologically. Subjects such as gardening (yes… plants and veg), engineering, science, construction and of course survival guides.

Please feel free to post suggestions that I’ve over looked – this was just a summary but it could expand into much more with your help.

Till next week,

Survive and Godspeed!

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