15 Signs I’ve Been Playing Minecraft Too Much

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  1. I’ve started digging in my garden for coal, yet can’t understand why I can’t dig several hundred metres in a day,
  2. I must be indoors before dark and the inside of my house has no dark corners,
  3. I can no longer engage with zombie films because they don’t have blue trousers on,
  4. The stuff in my cupboards are ordered into groups of 64 (but eggs in the fridge must go into groups of only 16!)
  5. I’ve always got a spare bucket of water nearby in case of lava accidents in Swindon (Last recorded lava accident in the UK: never),
  6. After injuring myself I feel compelled to eat whatever I have in my bag,
  7. I’ve learnt the hard way you can’t punch a tree to gather wood,
  8. I’m surprised gravity effects so many things in the real world,
  9. I make sure I have several tools (and spares) before setting out for the day. Also I find it worrying I can no longer carry several pick axes at once,
  10. Supermarket bought pumpkins aren’t square enough IMHO,
  11. Anytime I see a pile of gravel I search it for flint,
  12. I find that clouds are too fluffy and not half as cuboid as I’d like,
  13. I’m surprised deserts and Arctic regions of the world don’t coexist next to each other,
  14. I’m disappointed animals don’t follow me when I’m carrying bundles of wheat,
  15. The Minecraft Wiki is my No#1 most visited site,

Please feel free to comment with your own funny Minecraft humour below; have you been playing too much?

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