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So the first year is behind us! Its not technically a year old, but it was 2011 when my random comments became immortalised in an online blog. Looking back at a variety of tags used in posts, it shows the broad spectrum of rubbish I write. From Cillian Murphy and Christian Bale, to rants and reviews, from the bible to board games, and zombies to Zack Snyder. Quite a bizarre mix right there.

Its not surprising to me (as I refresh the stats on a near minute-by-minute basis), but the top 5 blog ramblings I posted last year were…


Design Challenge1. Design Challenge #1) Band Website

This saw the start of a challenge I set myself to improve my web-design skills. The first design challenge was to mock up a band website for a fictional metal band, ‘Death By Sushi’. I was rather happy with the result of this challenge and received some great feedback from many people on and off this blog.


Ubuntu and Skype2. Skype not loading in Ubuntu 11.10

Updating any operating system is likely to have slight snagging issues, Ubuntu 11.10 was no exception. One program I use often is Skype, on a daily basis infact, but upgrading the OS managed to break the loader. This post showed how to fix that.


3. Not receiving a mobile confirmation code

API’s are rarely 100% fun to play with, but while Twitter’s was a hoot (pun!), Facebook’s really sucked. Here’s how I managed to get the illusive mobile confirmation code that just didn’t want to get sent.


Ubuntu4. Ubuntu 11.10 = The final nail?

Another rant about the latest Ubuntu. If I had time I think I’d probably swap flavour of Linux to something more consistant… but then again who has time for that. Maybe in 2012 I’ll get around to switching. Any suggestions on which to go for?


Ubuntu5. Removing Ubuntu’s Unity bar

Okay a 3rd ‘top-5’ article about Ubuntu! It’s almost like I’m some sort of Geek. This weeks post was how to remove possibly the most annoying featured of the recent Ubuntu releases; the Unity ‘bar’. This post also drives a lot of email questions to my account, unfortunately I’m unaware at the moment to a permanent solution for the bar removal.


So there we have it, according to WordPress, my most read posts of 2011. Looking back I’m surprised that no zombie or film articles made it in there, but then the interweb is flooded with like minded drivel on those subjects.

What do you usually end up coming to my site to read? Is it one of those listed above?

Here’s to the new year, merry 2012 reader!

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  • Kerry says:

    I have to say that for your first year in blogging Paul, you come across really well, like you’ve been doing it for years.

    I enjoy every post that I read of yours, even when it’s on a subject that I know little about, just as your web development stuff.
    You’re able to help me understand the issue at hand without alienating me and I appreciate that. 🙂

    • Paul Joyce says:

      Glad you liked the articles, especially ones you’re not naturally familiar with. Hopefully 2012 will be even bigger and better for the blog. Thanks for all your comments and feedback over 2011 too, massively appreciated.

    • Kerry says:

      I am certainly looking forward to seeing what you are going to produce next. 😀

  • Kerry says:

    I did read all of these when they came out. :o)

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