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Patrick Boivin's Dragon Baby

In what turns out to be quite a spontaneous and random blog post for the day, I thought I’d post a few light hearted things I found on the web pipes today:

In what I’ve decided to dub…

Friday Wind Down!

First off, from a very brilliant and patient mind, one of my favourite animators and online CGI people, Patrick Boivin has produced this fantastic video. Dragon Baby!

Everyone loves cute babies parodying famous films as they kill Godzilla dinosaurs. This is however why I secretly fear babies, because deep down I know each one of those ‘innocent’ mini-humans is capable of this fighting style.

Secondly we have a great little illustrated blog post from way back in April 2010, on how to deal with internet trolls and people who can’t / don’t spell properly. Especially concerning the use of the non-existing word, ‘alot’.

Click on the image below to check out Hyperbole and a Half‘s blog post.

ALOT: Funny troll coping technique

Needless to say I’m probably responsible for creating my own fair share of ‘Alot’ monsters out there.

Finally to wrap up this very random (even for me) blog post, I’m sure we’ve all seen Disney’s latest acquisition of the Star Ways company LucasFilms all over the news. Well here’s a sneak preview of what Darth Vader can now expect on his holidays.

Hope one of those three put a smile on your face this Friday.

Let me know if you like’d them, give it a share or a comment and I might do this more often if people like them.

Either way, enjoy your weekend!

Update 9th Nov – Patrick Boivin, Making Of

Patrick has just posted a short YouTube video on how he made the dragon fighting baby, quite cool footage. Must have been some truely epic work though.

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