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Kickstarter, XCom and PaulSoaresJr – its like the ultimate article headline! However this article is really about a game called Xenonauts. Have I mislead you? Thankfully no.

Back in the 90’s there was a PC game series called XCom, it was an awesome strategic turn-based combat sci-fi game about an invasion of Earth by aliens. It became quite popular due to its expansiveness, complexity, required use of tactics and its beautiful use of destructable terrain.

Well recently a spiritual XCom clone was launched on the funding platform Kickstarter, its name is Xenonauts.

Not really liking the name, to me it sounds like another tacky children’s TV programme, but the game-play looks spectacularly like the originals’, albeit it slightly more modernized. The word slightly isn’t sarcasm either, they’ve kept to quite a similar style, which’ll please us XCom die hards.

Anyone who’s seen or played the XCom series before should hopefully recognise a similar style in the graphics shown below.

Ground Combat in Xenonauts

Ground Combat in Xenonauts (Source: Xenonauts Kickstarter Project)

Xenonauts smashed its Kickstarter funding goal by a factor of 3, with its production now being well under way. Goldhawk Interactive, the producers, seem to be sticking close to the original material: turn based ground combat, similar mission styles, unit levelling up, regional funding and popularity, in-depth R&D as well as squad and base management. They’ve also made the air-combat vs. UFO’s into a mini game, which could be a nice little feature.

With thousands of projects pouring onto Kickstarter at anyone time, its hard to keep up. Thankfully online video producer Paul Soares specialises in Indie games and he managed to spot this project (also He was clearly an XCom fan too), so credit to him for promoting this project in his Xenonauts YouTube video.

Scheduled for release in late 2012, this game will definitely be under close watch from me. I suggest everybody check out both the Kickstarter video and Paul Soares video for a hint of what it’ll be like.


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