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Its been a good few weeks, no, months, since the last stable update of Minecraft was released, but the latest one has just arrived by those hard working Mojang guys. Needless to say they’ve created a right corker here too! Minecraft version 1.3.1 hits our virtual shelves today, Wednesday the 1st of August 2012.

If you haven’t been playing the weekly unstable releases, you’ll struggle to play the game without noticing some major changes. I’ve attempted to group some of the major changes together (below), however I’ve left out loads of smaller tweaks as there is simply too many to mention here.

New Lands to Explore in Minecraft 1.3

Tired of entering small pockets of jungle only to find yourself falling face first into a pile of snow seconds later? Well now the biomes are more realistic in their generation, or more accuratly, their size. When you generate a new world you can select large biomes as a level type, increasing the size of each biome by a factor of 4 in both axis. That means each biome can now be up to 16x larger in area! Plenty of space to find those pesky ocelots.

Like hanging around in the desert? Well now you can explore some ancient pyramids that have been partially swallowed up by the creeping sand. At the moment quite bland inside (perhaps this is something that’ll change in future releases), but then again those Egyptian’s did die out a long time ago. All that lasts of them now are the curses they put on their tombs ūüôā

Prefer the spiders, dampness and stagnant waters of the jungle biomes to the heat of the desert? No worries, you guys have got yourself a nice little jungle temple too.

New Items to Collect

With this major update to Minecraft, they’ve added a tonne of new items and blocks too.

The super rare cocoa beans can now be found in decomposing jungle trees. These used to only be found in old dungeons, making cookies very hard to come by. Thankfully now you can start making batches of cookies as soon as you find yourself a nice lush jungle.

The first ever currency has been added to Minecraft, that is the currency of Emeralds. These are explained a little further down in the game mechanics section.

Not really sure you can ‘collect’ these, but I couldn’t type for much longer without mentioning Ender Chests. They operate like normal chests, in the fact that they store stuff, but they also act like something from Stargate. Put some of your shiny diamond armour into chest A, potter around to chest B, and your armour is there too! Essentially Ender Chests act like portable 24/7 banks. Even if chests A AND¬†B both get destroyed, fear not, create chest C and you’ll still be able to don your favourite blue diamond armour. Amazing!

New Items to Craft

You can now become a Minecraft author! Yay! You’re now able to write down your poetic troubles into books, before ‘publishing’ them with a title and locking in your inked-epic for all to see. Combining a book, feather and ink sac is all you need to do to craft this new item.

Fairy tales have poisened apples РMinecraft has golden apples. These can be constructed out of several blocks of gold surrounding an apple in the central crafting positioning.

Tripwires¬†have been added as a new logical component of the game. Like crafting redstone wires and switches, you can now add these ‘tripwire hooks’ and join them together with hard to spot string. Breaking the wire causes a redstone current to be produced by the hooks, triggering some nearby trap or event.

Minecraft 1.3 comes with new mechanics!

One of the biggest changes to the whole game is one you may not even notice. That is there is no longer any single player client. What?! Yes that’s right. Now every game is a server. In reality though, a ‘single player’ game is now just a local server running on your pc, so no one else can come along and mess with your level, don’t worry. It’ll handle in the same way, except it can now take multiplayer commands.

Villagers can now interact with the user, selling different products to the user for the return of a few¬†shiny¬†emeralds. The more deals you perform with a certain villager (and different villagers sell different things), you’ll unlock even more products to sell. By trading is the only way to get chainmail armour in the game legitimately too. Depending on how rare¬†emeralds¬†turn out to be in the grand scheme of things, this may or may-not break the whole Minecraft experience though. We’ll see!

Adventure Mode has finally been fully incorporated, meaning that levels will be created without the ability of the player to add or remove blocks. What’s the point of that you say. Well, it allows for more¬†consistent¬†play of¬†multi-player¬†or shared puzzle levels. Now people can create levels with intricate mazes, knowing that you can’t simply dig a tunnel through the maze. This should also make survival game style maps easier to manage as players originally had to obey the verbal ‘law’ of not breaking blocks.


So that is a few of the new major changes, however I haven’t mentioned sandstone stairs, cauldrons in the rain, tweaks to enchanting, event experience orbs, new stackable items, adjustments to boats, upside down half-blocks, inventory groupings, stability improvements, monster eggs, soul sand or bonus chests.

Therefore, go forth, update thee Minecraft and enjoy the new worlds crafted for us.

Happy mining!


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