Minecraft – Major Update – Version 1.2

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So a few days ago a new version of Minecraft was released by the good guys over at Moyang, pushing it to version 1.2.

Below is a brief breakdown of some of the juicy goodness that it included and how this will effect the game.

Zombie sieges

In case you found nights too peaceful, if you’re not visiting a local NPC village you may find yourself in your very own Romero film. Zombies now have the chance of spawning on mass and laying siege to those flimsy wooden village doors. I’ve only ‘witnessed’ one myself, thankfully on other doors in the village but the noise was actually quite awful. Dozens of fists pounding relentlessly on wooden doors… quite disturbing. Important note, if you’re playing the game on hardcore mode (you’re crazy!), zombies can now destroy your pathetic wooden doors… no where is safe!


Added Iron Golems

Alas we must not face those zombie hoards on our lonesome. Giant iron golems can now be made to defend the villages. The wiki says they can spawn naturally around larger NPC settlements, but you can also construct them using jack-o-lanterns and large amounts of iron. Slow and cumbersome, they wonder the village streets awaiting an opportunity to prove themselves. Any enemy nearby will get several iron fists flailed in their general direction. I’m not sure if zombies will retaliated against the golem, but I doubt they’d last very long.


Villager Children

Speaking of NPC villages, they can now have their very own population boom. The fact they dont have real jobs to go to, you can kind of understand why their population might rise in numbers so quickly. This will help keep NPC villages populated after the undead come causing trouble. As long as there are empty houses, they’ll continue to have children.


New jungle biome

[singlepic id=105 w=200 h=160 float=right]Version 1.0 release in November 2011 introduced ‘biomes’. We now have an extra one too, the jungle! Biomes are geographical enviroments that effect block generation, weather patterns, vegetation, animals and block placements. The new jungle biome has huge densely packed trees with lush vines hanging everywhere. These vines help you climb to the tree canopies but slow down general movement across the ground.


Added ocelots and cats

What would the new jungle be like if it didnt have its own animal. We now have the games second tameable animal, the ocelot. A very shy cat that can be tempted to accompany the player with the use of some raw fish. If you approach the ocelot or move around too quickly you’re likely to spook it. Apparently the ocelot will also flee (tamed or wild) if a wolf is nearby. They also enjoy chasing your chickens… you’ve been warned.


New AI for mobs

They’re now smarter at navigating obstacles and traps – however there is still room for improvement. But they’re definitely learning. Insert dramatic music here!


Tame wolves can have puppies

If you’ve ever wanted to raise a small army of gnashing teeth, you now can. Using various meats on two tamed wolves produces a mini-killing machine. Let the wolf revolution begin!


Added rare drops for mobs

Now sure about this one unfortunately. Not much information from Notch, Moyang or on the wiki. I assume some items have a very slim chance of being dropped by certain mobs. Can anyone share further information on this, or screenshots?


F3 update

Pressing F3 brings up several stats about your current position. It now shows even more information, including the type of biome you’re in and the current light levels.


New items and blocks

[singlepic id=106 w=159 h=141 float=right]3 new blocks were added, according to the wiki, as they’re currently not in survival mode. Two of which look like they could be carved or engraved sandstone. Perhaps this is a prerequisite for an ancient Aztec style biome or perhaps some pyramids structures in the dessert biome. Either would be rather cool. Pyramids could lead to desert dungeons, as well as new mobs such as mummies. Skeletons would fit in so well here.


New map height limit (256 instead of 128)

Climb higher and dig deeper. Your Minecraft world just got soooooo much bigger (in theory).


Many other minor Minecraft 1.2 tweaks and fixes.

Some extra minor stuff explained below:

  • Ever been stuck for water in the desert? Now there’s a small chance your prayers may be answered with the rare spawning desert well. Drink up!
  • Ever taken a snow golem to the Nether? No… well now you can’t anyway. They simply melt and fade away.
  • Slabs and stairs can be built upside down now… pointless in theory, but allows you to finish those aesthetic areas off.
  • Crafting ladders and slabs now produce 2 and 3 units respectively, down from 3 and 6.


Some cool stuff in this v1.2 release – would be great to hear peoples feedback on various aspects of it.

Happy mining!

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