Minecraft Minor 1.2.4 Update

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Those boys over at Mojang have just gone and released another update for the great indie Minecraft game.

Unlike the last major Minecraft update which brought us new features like the jungle biomes, defensive iron golems and cute little jungle ocelots, update 1.2.4 is mainly a bug fixing update. That’s not to say we don’t get a sprinkling of new visible changes though.

In this update, which you should have received any time since the end of the last week, there are lots of tweaks regarding the chat system in multiplayer, several fatal crash fixes and new behaviours for domesticated cats! Yes thats right, all your cats milling around your safe house can now annoyingly lounge on your bed, furnaces and work benches to stop you from utilising them. Great. So they’re getting about as annoying as real cats 😉 Unfortunately I’ve yet to see this behaviour but I’m sure a few blows from a wooden axe will send them on their way.

For the arty Minecrafters out there, your wooden planks will now look differently depending on which wood you use to construct them. So more decorative doors have been opened for your homely delights. Also a new sandstone block is available for placement, reinforcing my thoughts that they’re building towards a new biome feature… pyramids and/or ancient buildings.

As stated above, this minor update is mainly to bring us several bug fixes, of which there are 20+, however a lot of them resolve some nasty fatal crashes which is always good news to hear!

Also in Minecraft news, it looks like Minecraft will be coming to the XBox in May and set you back only 1,600 Microsoft points (~£15). Bargain!

Happy mining!


Have you noticed the new feline behaviour?

Are you an XBox user, if so, will you be getting this great open-ended game in May?


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