Multiplayer Minecraft Glitches in 1.2.5

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The internet is a fairly crazy place. We all know that.

We’ve all come to love the internet in one way or another.

Alas Minecraft is a fairly stable game, that is until you play it over the crazy-net. That’s where it gets a little bit glitchy.

Some of the glitches in Minecraft 1.2 multiplayer servers have been well reported, and I’m sure the Moyang boys are working hard to fix the bugs. Here are some of the weird server problems I’ve seen since using my friends Minecraft server (running 1.2.5 edition):

Mob’s Glitch up Blocks

Most noticeably in our little meat factory, usually referred to as a farm for a far less apocalyptic feel, the animals seem quite happy climbing the vertical walls. They’ll only appear there for a few ticks (0.1 seconds) usually, but sometimes longer. This does mean they appear to be able to escape ‘sealed’ pastures and fields, not ideal when you’re trying to keep those little critters contained.

Minecraft Cow Glitch

Mob’s Go Through Walls Like Ninjas

Some how mobs seem to morph themselves through blocks, usually losing all or most of their textures in the process. This may be related to the above bug, they’re probably erroneously calculating a path through the blocks and then loss all lighting values once they’re ‘inside’ the obstacle/wall. After a few seconds they seem to ‘snap’ back to their real position, but it does make for a scary game when creepers walking through solid stone walls like some kind of liquid terminator.

Mob Placement seems… off

Possibly connected to the ‘mobs going all ninja like’ bug mentioned above, can anyone spot the issue with the following image?

Minecraft Mob Glitch

Disappearing Tools

This has happened a few times to me, but considerably less than the other Minecraft problems mentioned on this page. When using a tool, or even a weapon, all of a sudden it completely disappears. No broken tool. No tool laying nearby. No tool in the inventory. Very strange.

Chunk Errors

Sounding more like a horrific biological problem, chunk errors refer to a miscommunication between the client and server, where whole portions of the map are left empty. These enable you to see down to infinity, as well as see a large cross-section of the nearby landscapes (sometimes showing useful places to mine in the future)

Minecraft Chunk Error Landscape

So there’s definitely some weird stuff going on in Minecraft… but that just adds to the experience 🙂 Apart from randomly appearing (and disappearing) creepers, and animals attempting to be the next Houdini, it shouldn’t affect your game too much!

Happy mining!


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Please drop a comment below if you’ve come across these glitches, or just to say hi…

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