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After the broad spectrum of action and character-focused films of January, did the directors dry up from all the post-Christmas booze?

Doesn’t look like it! However February does seem a VERY odd mix of films, but at least there should be something for everyone.


Rampart staring Woody HarrelsonWoody Harrelson, a corrupt veteran cop, is on a downwards spirals out of control, threatening to take down the lives of everyone he’s in contact with. A gritty film about one of the prescients last renegade tough cops; he just gets the job done, ignoring the red tape, political correctness and health ‘n’ safety. From the trailers it seems Harrelson has the broken cops character nailed; he’s dark, scarily aggressive and snaps easily. Not too sure from the trailer which way this will go, plot wise, but it does look good and makes quite a nice change from the usual genres. (Rampart on IMDB)

This Means War

This Means War staring Reese WitherspoonTwo of the CIA’s top men turn on each other in this action comedy after they find out that they’re dating the same woman. It looks, and sounds, similar to Mr & Mrs Smith, but this one has cool spy gadgets, even more explosions… and of course an extra person. Should be a funny light hearted film, and the fact it contains Tom Hardy from Inception, Chris Pine from Star Trek, and Reese Witherspoon isn’t bad either. Lets just hope there is a vague storyline that actually sees the light of day,  and its not just constant ‘pranks’ going between Chris and Tom. Oh and important question… is this a chick-flick? 😉 (This Means War on IMDB)

Safe House

Safe House staring Denzel WashingtonIf you combined Training Day with Assault on Precient 13 I think Safe House would be the outcome. A inexperienced CIA operative gets landed with a high profile fugitive that everyone seems to be coming for, even his own agency. For a film with what looks like intense car chases, hostage situations and a large nunber of gun fights, Safe House looks like its managed to weave a good plot line in there too. A high paced action thriller with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds… this should hopefully be a great film! (Safe House on IMDB)

Act of Valor

Act of ValorA group of US Navy SEALs embark on a covert search-and-rescue mission to retrieve a captured CIA operative from enemy hands. However things suddenly begin to unravel to show a much bigger picture. A not very original concept but shot in quite a unique way; an almost documentary style of shooting. Check out the Act of Valor trailer on IMDB and let me know what you think of the shooting style (my movie-buff friends can probably enlighten me on the technique… or just tell me to shutup). This looks like it could be a winner, although my one pet-peeve with it is ‘gun cams’, which just makes anything look like its trying to be a computer game, not cool! Saying that, I think out of all the films being released in February, this one is getting me the most excited. (Act of Valor on IMDB)

Black Gold

Black GoldOkay the meaning of the name alluded me for several minutes, which is embarrasing! This film is about a group of people who discover black gold, aka oil, under the Arab desserts in 1930. The plot focuses on a young Arab prince who’s life becomes immensily complicated due to the oil find; does he keep his allegence to his father, or shift to a more practical (and profitable) way of life that his father-in-law offers.

Needless to say that the oil continues to cause problems for many, with distinct echos of the past few years, military units rolling over dessert plains for the purpose of capturing the new source of wealth. Ring any bells to the news in the last decades? Oh how we don’t learn.

Maybe it’ll be good… maybe it wont. But its nice to see a big film that isn’t made my Hollywood and doesn’t focus on America. Check out the info on IMDB and let me know where this unconventional film lies with you

Man on a Ledge

Man on a Ledge staring Sam WorthingtonAnd finally for the listings of February films… a good bank robbery story! Okay so its not technically a bank, its a ‘bad mans’ vault, and it focuses on a large diversion instead of just being done at night, but it looks like it could be good. Some how crossing Oceans Eleven and possibly Phone Booth. I thought the main protagonist was new to me, but he was in Avatar and Terminator Salvation, so hopefully Sam Worthington will pull out a good performance here. (Man on a Ledge on IMDB)


So is it looking like a cinema sensation of film flop for February?

Have you already planned to go see one of these films?

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  • Hobbsie says:

    Man on a Ledge looks/sounds interesting…or a bit lame, but I’m curious so I’d go see it. I’m not sure I could cope with Safe House (sounds/looks like a Corinna-scare film) but if it’s got RR in, I’m there baby!! (drool…) and of course, the Reese film yes please! love her 🙂 (and the film sounds pretty good too!) 🙂

  • Kerry says:

    Woman in Black is my film for February! Having seen the theatre production I am very keen on seeing how they translate it to the big screen.

    Man on a Ledge looked interesting when I saw the trailer. I wondered what was going on at first until I had finished watching the trailer.

    Safe House might be interesting, I’m certainly keen to see it just because it has Ryan Reynolds in it.

    • Paul Joyce says:

      hehe a secret Ryan Reynolds fan then? 😉

    • Kerry says:

      Hmm not that much of a secret… I have been ever since I watched him in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place on Trouble. 🙂
      Poor Adam had to sit through Green Lantern (for my birthday) with me and two other ladies drooling over him. he he he. 😉

  • Adam says:

    A couple of additional recommendations from me for your list: Young Adult and Safe House. Go check them out…

    • Paul Joyce says:

      I purposely didn’t put Young Adult on there, but like last month, I’m not sure how Safe House slipped under the radar. Fancy going to see it? Looks goooooood

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