My anticipated films of 2012: January

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So 2012 is finally here!

Now the party poppers and streamers have been cleared away, the bottles recycled and the soggy-not-eaten party food binned… lets look ahead to what this year has to offer for us film fans.

Starting with January, we have 3 or 4 big blockbuster films coming out in my eyes.

Iron Lady

Iron Lady staring Meryl StreepOkay this film is already out… but I haven’t seen it yet. I’m waiting on trusted reviews, aka friends. Not my usual kind of film, a ‘moment in the life of’ kind of film, but then again The Kings Speech was perhaps similar in genre and I thought that was fantastic. However I’m not sure if Meryl Streep as Thatcher can do to this film what Colin Firth as King George VI did in The Kings Speech. Have you already seen this? If so please drop me a comment at the bottom to say whether its worth it or not.

The Grey

The Grey staring Liam NeesonI somehow missed this off the list when I published the article, yet I’ve been waiting a couple of months to see it… smooooth. Liam Neelson storms onto the scenes again, this time as a survivor of an Alaskan plane crash. Not only have they had the luck of being in a plane crash into one of the worlds most naturally harsh environment, there’s also a pack of Alaskan wolves hunting them. With no supplies, no sign of rescue and no equipment, will Liam and the other members of group survive? The trailer looks brilliant and doesn’t appear in anyway cliche, while Liam Neelson plays gritty characters really well… it could be a big action hit.

J. Edgar

J. Edgar staring Leonardo DiCaprioLeonardo DiCaprio staring in another gloomy, character focused, story. This one ‘based on true events’, whatever that really means these days in cinema. As a key cornerstone to the American law enforcement agencies, J. Edgar was a hugely known figure, but apparently behind closed-doors he held a lot of truths close to his chest. Truths that would shatter his life and those of people around him. This is likely to be quite a dark and dry film, but I’ve recently been impressed by DiCaprio’s roles in such films (such as Shutter Island), and Clint Eastwood is directing it, so I reckon they’ll pull a good one out the bag.

The Darkest Hours

The Darkest HoursThis is my ‘sitting-on-the-fence’ choice of Hollywood hit for January. An action sci-fi film with a bit of light horror thrown in for good measure. A group of Russian teenagers fight to stay alive after an invisible alien force invades earth. Its an interesting concept as the aliens seem to be invisible while also feeding off the power system we’ve built, but has this genre been done to death? I’m not sure.


So not a disastrous start to the year, but a seriously character-focused one. If you’re not into these two kinda films I do apologise … perhaps January is best spent enjoying those Christmas presents you’ve already stashed away.

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  • Hobbsie says:

    Haha i read Squirrel’s comments and though “silly Squirrel, PJ’s already said “The Grey” and “The Darkest Hours”…but then i guess you can add stuff after? I was on the fence about the Iron Lady and would’ve gone to see it, but didn’t in the end. The Grey sounds interesting…if i don’t have to watch the plane crash bit! i stopped reading your comments about “The Darkest Hours” after i saw the word “horror”!! if you’d chosen any fluffy, pink girly films this month, I’d have been right there with you…oh well, guess I’ll have to wait until February!

    • Paul Joyce says:

      Haha, hi ‘hobbsie’ 🙂 I probably won’t go see the Iron Lady either, far better (by that I mean exciting and explosive) films to watch beforehand. You’re also correct, I did change it after Adam pointed out my failures to list such a good looking film

  • Milly says:

    I definately want to see The Descendants, I think that’s all from the films I’ve seen advertised so far!

  • Kerry 2 says:

    The only way War Horse can possibly be interesting is if the Horse talks… and only then if he has a Brummie accent and does a duet with Justin Timberlake, otherwise I’m steering clear.

    I’ve never heard of Grey but it sounds great and I like Liam Neeson’s chances vs. the Wolves, but I will probably DVD it. The film I most want to see is in January is Mission Impossible 4. Perfect cheesy Hollywood action which should tide me over until GI Joe 2 comes out 😉

    Oh wait… is this helping your Klout score?!

    • Paul Joyce says:

      LOL, possibly one of the best comments I’ve ever had!

      Unfortunately, from looking at the trailer, they’re not pushing the brummie accent on the horse. Which I believe is a sad fact for cinema. I agree Mi4 looks awesome – but unfortunately came out in December so just missed the list. Have you seen the other 3?

  • Kerry says:

    Definitely interested in the Iron Lady, though I’m unlikely to catch it at the cinema this month, having just been to see Sherlock Holmes 2.

    The Descendants looked really good on the trailer and I would be interested in seeing that one.

    War Horse is another one that caught my eye after seeing the trailer and knowing that Spielberg directs it.

    • Paul Joyce says:

      See for me the Iron Lady doesn’t have much grab appeal, but saying that neither did Kings Speech. Perhaps it’ll turn out to be a gem of a film. I bet, knowing the number of films you watch hehe, you’ve watch a lot of things Meryl’s been in? Is she good? I cant name a single film off hand

    • Kerry says:

      Well she is certainly looking good as Maggie Thatcher, so anything is possible…
      I’m actually born on her birthday, little unknown fact there for you. 🙂

      I have seen the following Streep films:
      Julie & Julia
      Mamma Mia
      Death Becomes Her
      Most of which are comedies, so it will be interesting to see her in something more serious.

      She’s been good in the things I have seen her in at least and has won some awards by the looks of her IMDb profile:

  • Nath says:

    The Grey is supposed to be really good, although apparently you are best off not checking out the trailer, as it contains SPOILARZ.

    Warhorse looks mega-boring.

    • Paul Joyce says:

      I agree on both fronts. Grey looks good, warhorse looks trash.

      I’ve seen The Grey’s trailer and yeah it probably does give some stuff away – but no more than any other trailer it seems these days. I’d recommend not watching the trailer and just hitting the cinema once its out.

  • Adam says:

    Some films for January I think you have missed from your list:

    The Darkest Hour – energy based aliens attack the world!
    Shame – sex addict film starring the amazing Fassbender and Mulligan
    War Horse – Spielberg!
    Haywire – soderbergh does a hitman film!
    Underworld: Awakening – Kate Beckinsale, droooool 🙂
    The Descendants – George Clooney oscar contender again?
    The Grey – Liam Neeson and a bunch of hungry wolves!

    • Paul Joyce says:

      I had forgotten all about The Grey and I’m still unsure about The Darkest Hour, but I think I’ll add both of them now you’ve brought them up.

      War Horse looks lame though, I’m sure it’ll be stunning to watch, but the storyline… seriously? #yawn# haha

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