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A little while a go I posted an alphabet of great films, so I thought I would continue the theme but this time aim it at musical artists. However, I think mainstream artists would just swamp the A-Z chart because their names have been engraved into our minds over the years, so this chart will be of ‘alternative’ artists. A list of people you may or may not have heard of, but all still very good!Aynsley Lister

There’s no actual criteria for what I’m defining as alternative… just artists that I hope some people will never have heard of so that they can find some new great artists.

Unfortunately I’ve got a bit stuck finishing this list, my music collection isn’t diverse enough it seems! I’d love it if you could drop me a comment suggesting some alternative music to fill in the gaps. I’ll then update the list (if I like them 😉 )



26 great musical artists you may never heard of

A – Aynsley Lister (Blues rock, one of my favourite artists of all times, check him out on YouTube. Pictured above)

B – The Baseballs

C – City and Colour (aka Dallas Green, accoustic folk singer/songwriter. Great song below)

D – Death Cab for Cutie (Indie Pop. Grapevine Fire is a beautiful song with a great animated video)


F – Fleet Foxes (Indie Folk)

G – Guano Apes

H – Hera (Icelandic Vocalist)

I – Ignite

J – John Mayer

K – Klaxon

L – Lacuna Coil

M – Milly Jones (A talented local singer/song writer)

N – Nightwish

O – Of Monsters and Men (Indie Folk, loving the song shown below)

P – The Postal Service (Indie Pop)

Q – This one isn’t going to be easy to fill! Any suggestions?

R – I’ve drawn a blank on an R… that’s ridiculous…

S – Skillet

T – Two Door Cinema Club (Indie Pop)

U – Uh Huh Her (Female vocalist Indie pop band)

V – Violent Femmes (Alt Rock, don’t be put off by the name, Youtube)

W – Walter Trout (Blues Rock, Youtube)

X – A difficiult one… x?!

Y – Yukon Blonde (Chilled out Canadian Indie music, Youtube)

Z – Zero7 (Super relaxed music)


So there we have it – some great alternative music there. Hope you haven’t heard of most of these but if you have which ones? Hopefully it’ll also introduce you to some new music.

Anyone have a hidden gem for those few missing letters?


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  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve heard of a lot of these band, but for the ones I haven’t my ears are definitely in for a treat too! Check out you might like it!!

  • Tim Bechervaise says:

    Joyce, some really good choices here. There are a few new artists there which I look forward to listening to!

    For R, Rend Collective Experiment are really good. They are a Christian worship band which has a very folkish-feel to their sound. As Adam above mentioned, Regina Spector is also very good.

    Not sure about Q though!

  • Adam says:

    I’ve crawled through my many albums saved on Spotify and have come up with the following alternative A-Z:

    # 2:54
    A Austra
    B Blood Red Shoes
    C Crystal Castles
    D Davendra Banhart
    E Emmy the Great
    F Foals
    G Grimes
    H The Horrors
    I Imogen Heap
    J Joan as Police Woman
    K The Kills
    L Ladyhawke
    M Metric
    N Niki & the Dove
    O Oberhofer
    Q Queens of the Stone Age
    R Regine Spektor
    S Sleigh Bells
    T Tegan and Sara
    U Unknown Mortal Orchestra
    V Villagers
    W Wild Beasts
    X The xx
    Y Yeti Lane
    Z Zola Jesus

    • Paul Joyce says:

      A great list here Mr White, haven’t heard of a lot of these so my ears are in for a treat (hopefully!). I forgot to do a number based entry – perhaps I’ll have a look into that.

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