The Alphabet of Minecraft things!

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Another alphabet of stuff! This time my latest fixation, Minecraft!

A – Axe, easily made of wood yet still damages stone!

B – Beef, a tasty snack after you’ve hurt yourself,

C – Creepers! Bringers of explosive death,

D – Dawn, the beginning of 10 minutes of safety,

E – Enderdragon, the doorway to manhood,

F – Farming, its just fun now!

G – Gold, soft and worthless! Give me coal every time,

H – House, cobble and wood has never felt so homely

I – Ink sacks, found in all good squids near you,

J – Jack-o-lantern (Thanks to Kimberly for this suggestion)

K – Kiln, never look at 8 stones the same way again,

L – Lava, light source and potential mob defence phenomena, win!

M – Mining, a real mans hobby,

N – Nether, the digital cuboid version of hell,

O – Ore, your new goal in life,

P – Portals, ‘cos living on one plane just isn’t enough,

Q – Quivers, ‘cos you gotta store those flint+stick+feathers somewhere,

R – Redstone, its pretty and logical too,

S – Sugar cane, its where paper comes from don’t you know,

T – Torches, made in seconds but last a life time!

U – Update day! Wahooooo

V – Veins (of diamonds), Christmas come early!

W – Waterfalls, even if there’s no real source,

X – XP, an underused feature,

Y – Yellow flower, a poor mans rose,

Z – Zombies, moaning death-bringers. At least they all have the same wardrobe though

Some of the things that could replace the examples above:

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