Here is my collection of really good films that I’ve seen (and got round to writing up). They usually have similar traits, but the occasional one stands out from the crowd. How do they compare to what you’ve seen?

The Alphabet of Great Films

by Paul Joyce

This post was inspired by someone who suggested something similar to me on Twitter back in 2011, but it wasn’t until I saw some of the great poster art by Stephen Wildish that I remembered I was going to do it. So here it is, my top movies of all time for each letter of […]


Film: Jurassic Park

by Paul Joyce

With the worlds first dinosaur adventure park ready to open, a select group of experts take a last-minute tour around the facilities. Unfortunately several dominoes have already toppled that results in the carnivorous cloned beasts roaming the park, making humans into nothing more than tiny running snack food.

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Film: Batman Begins

by Paul Joyce

Trained and guided by a secret society, billionaire Bruce Wayne learns how to use ninjitsu and fear as tools to fight the crime that is ripping his Gotham city apart. Can he save Gotham while also protecting the people he loves? Can Bruce Wayne save Gotham? No. Can Batman? Just possibly

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Film: The Negotiator

by Paul Joyce

After celebrating a colleagues birthday, hostage negotiator Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is called out for an impromptu midnight meeting with his closest friend, Nate, regarding a sensitive corruption issue occurring in their own police prescient. The next day Danny is hauled into the station under a false murder charge and allegations of corruption including […]

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Film: Inception

by Paul Joyce

This is quite possibly one of the best films ever made. Christopher Nolan has produced an epic, mind bending, surreal film that will make you want to watch it again as soon as the credits roll. Unable to return to America to see his kids, Cobb (DiCaprio) must perform one last job to clear his name from the alleged murder of his wife.

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Film: Casino Royale (Review of 5/5)

by Paul Joyce

Brilliant James Bond film, showing the true grit of a British 00 agent. Less cheese and more action than most of the previous Bonds. Daniel Craig really relaunches the Bond series with his first epic performance as the 007. Every film collection should contain this title.

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Star Trek (Film review of 5/5)

by Paul Joyce

Another great Abrams production. Everyone should watch this, and that’s a recommendation from a NON-trekkie. Wonderful scenes, great (if a little too complicated) story and brilliant acting.

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