I love to write about films, Linux, solutions to complex computer problems. I sometimes even get around to writing articles about Christianity and web development. For all of these regular topics I’ve got specific tags and categories, but the pages below simply don’t fit into any of my normal categories (not yet anyway!)

2012: To-Do list

by Paul Joyce

About this time of year, not unsurprisingly, everyone seems to be making New Years resolutions, which I’ve always thought is a rather strange tradition. They are always decisions to be better, do more (or less) of something, start something new etc etc. Why don’t people just start doing these things when they think of them. If […]

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Contagion – an ‘Infectious’ poll & how would you feel?

by Paul Joyce

Last week the BBC published an article discussing whether a medical infection, such as the one in Soderbergh’s new ‘Contagion’ movie, could possibly outbreak in our modern world. The article interviews various specialists and refers to the most recent ‘high profile’ contagions that have occurred around the world, such as Swine Flu that started in 2009 within the […]

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Training at WILSAR

by Paul Joyce

As some of you are probably aware, I recently applied to join the Wiltshire Search and Rescue (WILSAR) charity as I felt drawn towards the work they do, whatever the time, whatever the weather and whatever the scenario. Well today I had my first taste of it, a training session down in South-East Wiltshire. It […]

Acting on the 2011 Japanese Tsunami

by Paul Joyce

I, along with the rest of the world, was shocked by the footage of the 2011 March earthquake and following Tsunami that caused so much distruction and fatalty in north-east Japan. Even though I have no links to Japan, and have never been there (although I do want to go), I was deeply moved by […]

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