TBBT Flash Mob & Les Miserables Vid

by Paul Joyce

On this day, the 16th of November 2012, is the sun shining? Are the birds tweeting and the children playing in the streets?¬†Unlikely, its cold and dull outside! Alas though the weekend is nearly here and I’ve put together a few more videos and pictures to cheer away those last few working hours of the […]

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FWD: Movie Medley, Puppies & WWZ Trailer

by Paul Joyce

As quite a few people seemed to like last weeks Friday Wind Down post, which had babies fighting dragons and Disney Vader, here’s another selection to beckon in the weekend with. Today we have more good movies than you’ll probably watch in your life, this little puppy melting hearts around the world (awwww) and something […]

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FWD: Babies & Disney Vader

by Paul Joyce

In what turns out to be quite a spontaneous¬†and random blog post for the day, I thought I’d post a few light hearted things I found on the web pipes today: In what I’ve decided to dub… Friday Wind Down! First off, from a very brilliant and patient mind, one of my favourite animators and […]

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