How to restore a Thunderbird Email account

by Paul Joyce

A few days ago I posted an article on backing up a Mozilla Thunderbird account profile. This article is the other important 50%, how to restore that account profile. These two article should help with system restores, data loss or migrating emails on mass to a new machine. First off, make sure you’ve followed the […]

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How to backup Thunderbird Emails and Settings

by Paul Joyce

So it turns out its time to leave Linux Mint, which means it’s time to backup Mozilla Thunderbird so all the settings aren’t lost. (If you’re interested, I’m leaving Mint for this unresolved issue, which ironically might be related to Thunderbird) It doesn’t take long to setup Thunderbird again, however it does take a very […]

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Gnome 3 DE freezes in Linux Mint

by Paul Joyce

So its been a few days now in the relm of Linux Mint and I seem rather pleased with it, except for one small yet critical bug. Every once in a while the desktop environment of Gnome 3 seems to stall and lock up, with no prior warning. An apparent random freezing. Once this has […]

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