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New Business Cards for Moi?

I decided it was time to finally get some newer and funkier business cards. Those generic ones that all look the same from those online printers just wouldn’t cut it. So tonight I’ve rustled up these 3 quite different designs, ranging from quite contemporary to a rather sci-fi looking one.

Click the thumbnails below to see the different card designs…

[nggallery id=13]


What did you think? Any good? All 3 designs would have the same information on when the back of the card is considered.

Please drop me a message on which one you like the look of and why… any feedback would be appreciated.

I’ll hopefully send the ‘winning’ design off to the printers soon, ready for some exciting client meetings in February.

6 replies on “New Business Cards for Moi?”

You need to think business here, and, much as I love the Helm concept, and it’s nicely executed, I don’t think it works as a business card – great for the geek factor with friends, but a besuited businessman wouldn’t get it. I find myself wanting to know what the tiny text says, and I don’t agree with listing technologies you can use…a good developer will turn their hand to whatever tools suit the job. UNLESS, of course, the point of the card was to specifically sell those skills.

Conversely, I don’t think the other designs have *enough* information. I’d like to see the Helm design taken forward, simplified and de-geeked a little. I’m with Kerry – hadn’t worked out that the bar code was your phone number, and non-geeky types may miss that. And I agree with Adam too…cards are a print medium. Yes, this means you’re not restricted to the confines of the web, but you ARE restricted to the confines of a rectangle of cardboard. It’s a different creative challenge to make something unique.

I think QR codes are a fad and, personally, dislike…no…I LOATHE them. Get a clever, short, memorable URL as well, that’ll stick in people’s heads as well as on the card.

I think that No.3 is the best business card design. Its simple clean design doesn’t distract from the brand name that you want people to remember. In this case, the brand is your name.

Constructive points:

– I would try and get your “call to action” on the front, this may be a phone number or web address (I don’t see the QR code as a “call to action”).
– I would be slightly concerned about the quality of the printing for this card, it would be very easy to lose the quality from screen to print.
– I would include the word “Freelance” (or similar) just to make sure that people know that you’re available for projects.
– On No.2 I feel that when displayed at business card size, a lot of the detail would be lost (or very small).

Be great to see a design for the back of the card too?

I think no2. is the best, the others are too dark and oppressive for me. I agree with comments about changing the font though. No 2. is a little busy, but I think it works. I do like having the phone number by the bar code – I don’t think the code needs to do anything as it looks clever with the phone number! Maybe space out the number so that it fits the same length as a the barcode though ( to look like regular barcodes do?)

I prefer design number 2 ‘beth’ as it tells me what services you can provide up font, including what language you are able to code in.

Does the barcode do anything on this one? If not, maybe change it for a QR code? QR codes can be different colours, so it might be worth making it a lighter colour so that it doesn’t dominate the card. Have you tried this card in the same font as your website? This would link the two together.

I’m no business card expert by the way, just thinking about what design would appeal to me more.

I’m no expert at this but I would say that they are all a little too blocky and computer looking. Business cards are a print medium and you are therefore not confined by the restrictions of the web.

Howe about doing a couple more designs that totally break the mould and do something radically different? Maybe with a non-straight line somewhere?

Of the three though my favourite is the black one as it has the most going for it although I am not a great fan of the font.

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