Systems Administration (SysAd) and Digital Security are two huge categories that are both hugely important in the modern world. SysAd ranges from compiling modules, configuring Apache webserver, updating servers and networking remote computers. Digital security, one of the most interesting aspects of the digital world, will see topics for everything from configuring firewalls, detecting security breaches, handling exploits, calculating risk and detecting threat vectors. I’m hugely interested in SysAd and security, as I see them both as critical aspects of entire businesses.

Both SysAd and Security Individuals are in a constant arms race with malicious users and automated bot nets. As new tools to protect servers and systems are produced and rolled out, new ways to circumvent them are developed. As hackers find new ways to breach systems and services, security aficionados and clued up  system administrators patch, program and research their ways back to securer grounds.

Secure those WordPress 3.5.1 exploits

by Paul Joyce

Yesterday WordPress released version 3.5.2 of its famous blogging platform, patching many WordPress 3.5.1 vulnerabilities and exploits, but is it really worth the hassle of upgrading? I mean we all have better things to do at the weekend than go around fixing WordPress. Don’t even get started on those Monday mornings either! Well first off […]

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MCrypt – Securing your Linux files with Twofish Cryptography

by Paul Joyce

With more and more details being stored on computers, it’s getting exponentially more important to keep them safe and secure. From internet banking to Facebook, renewing car tax to ordering presents on Amazon, you have entered a lot of data onto your computer. But how do you keep files of a sensitive nature secure?  Could something called […]

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Cant enter Linux Wireless Password

by Paul Joyce

Okay so a nice short article on something that was causing me a lot of grief! I came home from work and for some reason unknown to me, over the course of the day my laptop had lost the WPA (WiFi Protected Access) code to connect securely with my home wireless network. Okay a little […]

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