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The UK Aids Consortium is a network of over 80 not-for-profit, faith-based and academic agencies. Based in the UK, with strong links to governments, international and multilateral agencies, the Consortium has been working at the heart of the response to HIV and AIDS for 25 years.

Their vision is to promote an effective global response to HIV and AIDS.

Their mission is to encourage, initiate and support collective action by UK civil society.

The Project

The Consortium had a lot of resources and information collected and produced by their academic agencies around the world. For this reason there was a lot of seperate vital components that had to come together to form their solid website.

Key to the mission was keeping people up to date, so multiple news feeds were aggregated and mailing lists were available for users to opt-in to.

Being a hub of other agencies, it was also important to reflect the other companies, organisation and working groups that come together to form the Consortium. With all of these seperate entities coming together, it also produced a lot of resources and information that needed to be laid out in an easy to navigate fashion.

I was approached by HandsUp digital agency to join another freelance developer in carrying out the required technical development of this project.

The Result

A comprehensive site thats easy to use and navigate, while using a simplistic yet striking colour contrast. A true hub of for the 80+ agencies and working groups.

Check out the new site at Aids Consortium.



Digital Agency & Project Coordinator: Ben Clowney of HandsUp

Graphical Design: Ben Hanbury

Development: Ross Wintle and Myself


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