One Voice Prayer Website

One Voice Prayer Website

One Voice

One Voice is a network of Christian organizations, prayer networks, churches, and individuals who believe that prayer is the most powerful intervention.

I was brought on board this project by the digital agency HandsUp, to carry out all development work after the design stage.

The Project

Built on the robust CMS of WordPress, this short project involved the development of multi-option post types, creation of several core widgets and template configurations to fit the clients need.

As part of the large Tearfund organisation, One Voice sourced key data, specifically Tearfund’s Prayer request data, which required integration into the CMS.

Key to the role of One Voice is their ongoing relationship with their international and domestic partners, something they wanted to demonstrate and share from their homepage. It was also essential to have an attractive and engaging homepage. Subsequent pages that could be text-heavy still had to maintain a high level of usability and accessibility.

The Result

A clean, colourful and engaging site that break several distinct data types into easily accessible areas, all designed and developed within a very tight deadline.

Jump over to One Voice and take a look for yourself.



Digital Agency & Project Coordinator: Ben Clowney of HandsUp

Graphical Design: Ben Hanbury

Development: Myself


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