Personalised Business Cards

With new business coming in I thought it was time to refresh the business card wallet by coming up with some new designs for myself.

I wasn’t thinking of a specific style as such, happy to go where the designs took me, so the aim of this mini project was to come up with a small selection of quite different designs using a rather small palette of colors.

As you can see from the three seperate business cards included below, I achieved this quite well. The colors were taken from the homepage as I wanted to unite the brand of Paul Joyce from first glimpse of the card, to arrival on the site. No one likes surprises and this is a great little technique that builds the first step of developing a relationship with your users.

[nggallery id=13]


If you’d like to drop me a message about these cards (I’d love to hear it!), please do so on this page about my personalised business cards.


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