Raspberry Pi Day3: Configuring and connecting securely and remotely with SSH

by Paul Joyce

The other day I managed to mount the Raspberry Pi OS image onto an SD card and the Pi had its first taste of life. Now I’m going to attempt to set-up remote secure connections to the Pi so I can do away with the keyboard, mouse and monitor attached to the experimental hobby PC. […]

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Raspberry Pi Day2: Setting it up

by Paul Joyce

So unlike most of the computer I’ve bought in the past, the Raspberry Pi doesn’t come with its own operating system pre-installed (which actually saves me the time of removing, what is usual, Microsoft Windows). In fact the reason you can’t just plug in the Pi and boot it up first time is that the […]

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Raspberry Pi Day1: Introduction (Model B)

by Paul Joyce

So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Raspberry Pi. I was hardly quick to jump on the bandwagon as the first model of the Pi came out in Feb last year (2012). I managed to get my hands on the model B version for only £30 from Amazon, quite a bargain even though […]

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