How to remember the OSI 7 model in order

by Paul Joyce

Remembering the OSI 7 Model – Mnemonics The order that the different layers of the Open Systems Interconnection 7 model are found in matters hugely; needless to say you in certain IT roles you cant afford to forget where the data link layer occurs, or which layer comes before another, etc. Remembering the correct order […]

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Information on Layers of the OSI-7 Model

by Paul Joyce

What is the OSI-7 model? The Open-System Intercommunication model describes how the network communication layers are distinct and separate from one another. There are a few different network layer models, however this article only talks about the OSI-7 model. The OSI-7 model breaks the communication layers as follows (The physical layer is called the bottom […]

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Cant enter Linux Wireless Password

by Paul Joyce

Okay so a nice short article on something that was causing me a lot of grief! I came home from work and for some reason unknown to me, over the course of the day my laptop had lost the WPA (WiFi Protected Access) code to connect securely with my home wireless network. Okay a little […]

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