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Design Challenge #1) Band Website

Ok so I’ve been away a while; prep’ing and performing a bible study, giving my best shot at fixing various friends computers while also attempting to get my computer back to a point where I can start working on designs again.

So I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge, to come up with a fictitious client and then design them a website within 7 days. Now this isn’t an attempt to make the site, just a way to motivate myself in design, an area I feel I need to work on. I’ll then hopefully get some critique on my work so that I can develop my skills.

I’ll begin by posting a rough specification of a few bullet points, to try to convey the kind of site the ‘client’ wants, then hopefully within 7 days I’ll post my graphical design.

Design Challenge #1) Band website


  • Client Name: Death By Sushi
  • Brand Style: Dark, Grungy, Clean / Uncluttered
  • Brief: Build a new site for a UK metal band, performing under the name ‘Death By Sushi’, to coincide with a new tour they’re starting on. The band pride themselves on their proximity to their fans, answering questions via social media channels and on their forum.
  • 3 Key Factors:
    1. Convey a new tour is coming up and tickets will be on sale soon
    2. Their tracks can be listened to online
    3. A community side to the site

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