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Facebook’s confirmation code too long? [Fix]

Facebook is BrokenIn the ever continuing saga of people not being able to use their SMS confirmation code from Facebook, a user of mine has submitted a solution on one specific bug; how to get the 8 digit SMS confirmation code to fit into the 6 character field.

The code they send you is normally 6 digits long, which is why they have restricted the confirmation box to only 6 characters. The problem is though, a small selection of people seem to get an 8 digit code that simply won’t fit into the box.

Pedro’s Facebook ‘6 into 8’ digit solution

This solution goes to Pedro, a reader of this blog who sent in his simple solution.

Expanded to other browsers, his solution is to open the developer’s section and modify the properties of the input box.

Needless to say it is quite a hack and should never have to be done, on any site, ever! But alas something is very broken with Facebooks confirmation process and other readers have already started commenting that Pedro’s solution worked.

Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox (FF) users scroll down a bit to see how to convert the Chrome solution into your browser of choice.

Pedro’s Solution in Chrome

In Chrome first open the Developer Tools section by pressing F12. With this new window panel thats opened, make sure the Elements tab is selected at the top. Locate and click the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of this panel. Everything you now hover over on the page should change colour.

Click the input box that is too short.

The visible code within the developers panel should highlight a line of code that starts with:

[html]6 and you can change it to an 8.

You should now be able to enter in your 8 digit code into the box and press the confirm button.

Solution in IE

Follow the steps above, but instead of opening the Elements tab, make sure the HTML tab is selected. Then click the white cursor icon in the top left, instead of the magnifying glass. Continue with the Chrome instructions.

Soltuion in Firefox

Again, follow the steps for fixing it in Chrome, but make sure the HTML tab is open instead of the Elements one. Then click the cursor & box icon in the top left. Continue with the Chrome instructions.


This problem should never ever arise, especially on such a massive corporations website. Needless to say though, once the maxlength field has been modified people are reporting that the rest of the confirmation process goes without a hitch, although that isn’t something that can really be appluaded.

Massive thanks to Pedro for submitting this ‘fix’, as he joked in his message about using the code to confirm your Facebook Developers API account;

Maybe it’s just a trick to see who is a real developer?

So the solution…

Simple? Kinda

Ugly? Yes

Works? Let me know below.

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