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TBBT Flash Mob & Les Miserables Vid

On this day, the 16th of November 2012, is the sun shining? Are the birds tweeting and the children playing in the streets? Unlikely, its cold and dull outside! Alas though the weekend is nearly here and I’ve put together a few more videos and pictures to cheer away those last few working hours of the week.

We’ve got a great trailer for a film coming out next year, don’t worry it isn’t similar to last week’s FWD post about World War Z. This one is Les Miserables and it’s looking good!

We also have a bit of rocket science for us ‘ere laymans, and a spot of useless engineering.

But first…

The Big Bang Theory Flash mob!

This actually made my night yesterday. I wish I could have posted it straight onto Facebook but knew it was pure gold to cheer up peoples dreary Fridays.


Love it. I genuinely clapped at the end of that.


Les Miserables Trailer

I’m a huge fan of the original musical bearing the same name, so was very excited to hear them putting this together under a large budget. So far its looking good and can’t wait to see it.

I think I’ll just let the trailer do the talking:

Rocket Layman’s Science

XKCD: Saturn 5We all know that the brainiest people on earth are always rocket scientists, this doesn’t need to be argued. This is backed up by all their long words, nerdy hipster glasses and their pristine white lab coats.

Well how about if those rocket scientists didn’t have their fancy Latin words, what then?

Do they lose their aura of superior intellect and wisdom? Well yeah they kinda do, in fact you can’t help feeling dumb when speaking in utter layman’s terms.

Some bright spark over at XCKD decided to draw up the blueprints to the Saturn 5 rocket using nothing but the simplest of words, in fact using only the 1,000 most common words in the English American language.

That kinda knocks those scientists down a peg or two in my eyes.

Check it out by clicking the Saturn 5 image on the right, its hugeeeeee!

The worlds most Useless Machine

From one of the most complicated machines in the world, a rocket, to the most pointless.

Some engineers do have far too much time on their hands.

This should be watched with sound just ‘cos I think the end fits so well to the little bit of music playing.

If you’re stuck in the office you may feel a bit like that last little video at times, metaphorically speaking obviously. If you are literally stuck inside a wooden box, please let us know in the comments below and we’ll try and find you!

And finally…

Feelings of Amazon'ness

This is genuinely how I felt this week, thanks to an Amazon delivery I’d forgotten I’d ordered. Thanks Amazon for being a delight (even if you don’t pay taxes, oooooh). Thanks also to Randy M. Santa Ana for producing such comical pieces of art, check out their creative stuff, highly recommended.

As always, I appreciate the comments, shares and Facebook Likes you guys give these posts. It does make all the difference.

Till next Friday,

God Bless and enjoy the weekend!

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Haha, well I’ve removed all the profile pictures now. If Milly can’t have hers, no one can! Okay thats not technically the reason. I hope you sleep better soon.

love the layman’s rocket – especially the final comment about which direction it should be pointing…

thanks for putting this together :o)

Thanks Milly 🙂 Yeah I loved that part too, did you find the secret text? Hover your mouse over the image (on their site) to read a little bit more. On a side note, didn’t your comments used to have a picture of you beside them… where’d it go???

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