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Contagion – an ‘Infectious’ poll & how would you feel?

Last week the BBC published an article discussing whether a medical infection, such as the one in Soderbergh’s new ‘Contagion’ movie, could possibly outbreak in our modern world.

Soderbergh's Contagion
Contagion: Far fetched?

The article interviews various specialists and refers to the most recent ‘high profile’ contagions that have occurred around the world, such as Swine Flu that started in 2009 within the Mexican borders, and the deadly H1N1 virus that could affect even healthy adults. Needless to say it doesn’t mention any government zombie cover ups… but I’m sure they’re there somewhere.

The BBC article is worth a read if this area even vaguely interests you, which it probably does as you’re here reading this…

But alas, the reason I’ve called you here is I’d like to ask you guys how safe they feel about such things? If you woke up one day and switched the TV on to hear breaking news of a new highly contagious disease had broken out in some foreign country, how would you feel? Would it instantly worry you? Do you have confidence in your government?


Contagion poll now closed

So it turns out that most of my readers, over 50% that voted, wouldn’t be too worried about a powerful contagion that is causing havoc overseas. Obviously if such a thing was happening it’d cause a media storm and probably large scale panic across the planet, but hopefully we can prayer that such an event never happens.


Fear? Concern? Powerless?

How would you feel if you heard about contagious diseases ripping countries apart? Would closed airports and restricted travel make you feel any safer?

Would you even feel that in this day of mass transport, we could contain such a virus?

Let us know below with your thoughts.

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