Trouble verifying your Facebook account (Page 2)

Back in 2011 I wrote an article about how to obtain your mobile confirmation code for Facebook’s API, if you haven’t read it before this article I’d recommend you do so.

Needless to say there are still lots of people out there over a year later struggling to get their mobiles confirmed, both for the API and also just for mobile browsing. I often wonder how Facebook has become such a large entity when their site often fails or stumbles, and their help section is regularly appalling.

Anyway, here are a few possible suggestions if those in my earlier Facebook post didn’t help:

  • When entering in your number, don’t use any characters other than the numbers 0 to 9. Don’t include the + character beforehand, or any parentheses or hyphens,
  • Remove the leading zero before your number,
  • Make sure you’ve selected the right country. If you’re using the phone abroad try both your current location as well as the location the phone is registered in. Make sure you’re using the right phone number for your location AND carrier.
  • Make sure your phone isn’t sending any signature or ending text with your message, this will often stop the confirmation code from being sent,
  • If they say you’ve requested too many codes, wait a few days. This is a security method to protect their servers from being spammed. Don’t try and navigate around it, constant requests are only going to hinder your ability to get verified,
  • If you can sign in but can’t verify your mobile (for the API or for SMS alerts), see if your mobile phone carrier is supported in the drop down list when you select the Sign Up for Facebook Text Messages option.
  • Instead of sending F to the number provided, try either On or Fb.

Finally, if none of these methods, try sending them a message using this Facebook form:

From a great amount of Googling and from the number of emails/comments I’ve had on this subject, it seems fairly conclusive that if your mobile/cell phone operator isn’t listed by Facebook in their drop down menu, then there is no way around it. Which sucks, but unfortunately I think you’re going to have to live without it (for now).

I’ll continue to update this list as people send me methods that have worked.

Please please please, if any of these methods helped you drop me a comment, their authorisation system drives so many people to frustration it’ll be good to know which methods work.

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  1. Mu husbands ex hack his account its been 3years and Facebook does nothing i send them our marriage license and copies of our ids to prove we arw the owners of this account but yet nothing is being done. She pist and i keep reporting it but facebook dont seen to care. We dont have access to his yahoo because she also hack that.

  2. Hello Paul, I am from Mexico and just recently had the same problem. My story starts like this: I came to visit my parents in another state, as I wanted to take my phone for warranty (display issues) I reset my phone to factory settings. Oh, boy.
    Now I downloaded again Facebook and of course I have access to my email and I know my password, but this “login aprroval” won’t let me log in. I get the message of receiving a code to my phone but it just never arrives.

    Honestly, I have tried EVERYTHING. My phone carrier (Virgin Mobile) says its a Fb problem, not theirs.
    And also I tried this: Go to (PC/laptop) > write your email > don’t write your pass, click on “forgotten account?” and for 1 time they will take you to this page where you can change your phone or email to get directions. I wrote a different phone number (friend) and immediatly they asked for the ANSWER TO MY SECURITY QUESTION. F*ck. I can’t remember it.
    I tried different responses and they just blocked access to this part.
    So I’d say: if you know the answer to the secret question, you are able to change your phone or email, but if you don’t know it… you’re screwed.

    Fortunately, I am going back to where I live. I have my laptop there and I had used Fb before on my laptop, so I hope this will let me approve my phone to use facebook, so you won’t need a code this time.

    If this works, I will write back. And if the web option works for somebody else, please let us know.
    I even tried writing to Mark Zuckerberg haha! Of course he gives a sh*t.

  3. Hey Paul,
    Just went through your article. It’s been 10 days since I cannot access my account. I have moved to another country and the number I had enlisted in my account has expired. So I cannot receive my verification codes. I have sent in requests along with attachments of my Government issued Id’s for verification as well as for phone number change on the Facebook help page. Are these requests reaching Facebook? Cause I have had no reply for 10 days. On the other hand I am still still receiving my FB notifications on my email. Please advise

  4. I still have the same problem. My mobile network is STC, saudi telecom. I already wrote/ emailed them my ID and documents but I still not getting the code. Please help.

    1. It seems STC may be the problem. What have you tried already Rahrah? How long ago did you send them your details – sometimes it takes a longggggg time sadly.

  5. Hello 🙂
    My Facebook account had been blocked since yesterday and it says that I need to enter my phone number so I did.
    But when it says it had sent a code to my number, my phone dint receive any codes.
    I tried a few times but the problems still remain.

    I also tried to send F to the number you recommended but it only reply that I had enter an invalid keyword.

    Please HELPPP 🙁
    I had already met this problem a few months ago and I created this new account.
    And this problem happens again. 🙁

    1. Hi Drew, sorry for the long delay in replying. Any breakthrus? Could you get your code sent to a friends phone, people have reported that has worked sometimes.

    2. Dear Drew,
      If you have been registered your mobile number with another facebook account you will never receive the code. As per facebook using more than one facebook account by a single user is a violation. You are supposed to use only one FB account. If you still want to use two accounts then you may require to have an additional mobile number.

  6. I have been asking and keeping up with this site since November 2012 and we have all been asking the same questions begging for a response from this guy. It’s annoying to receive emails from this site hoping he has come up with an answer fir us but its only ppl asking the same questions and nit getting a response from him. This site is bogus. I have moved on to make a new page in which you all should too because the answer is not coming.

    1. I’m not entirely sure how or why you think this site is bogus. I neither work for or with Facebook. To my knowledge there is no one solution, and I haven’t found any more methods than the ones listed above or in the comments below. Feel free to make your own page, the more awareness of this problem there is on the internet, the more chances are that Facebook will address it.

    2. Now the answer is revealed: there is no solution. That is all we needed to hear. Ppl can accept the fact that there is no answer to everything, it just needed to be stated instead of leaving ppl clueless and feeling ignored.

  7. Hi I need help receiving my code on fb it keeps sending it to an old mobile number and doesn’t email it to me so I can’t access my account

  8. My problem is almost the same as others.
    Just three or four weeks ago, i was chatting when suddenly i got logged out or something and facebook asked me to log back in. After I did that, i found out that someone reported against me that I was using a fake name (I was using a nickname but people these days don’t even think for a second before doing something bad to somebody). Then i had complete a security check and verify my phone, and i wrote my phone number and got till the point where you just have to type the code and click confirm. Sadly no matter how much i struggle or cry I NEVER RECIEVE THAT CODE. How can i verify my account?
    i will be so grateful if somebody helps. It is nice to know there are many people like me who don’t quit and keep going instead of loosing hope.
    PLEASE help i will be very grateful.

  9. Hi Paul, thanks so much for the informative blog… Nearly two weeks ago, I was shut out of my facebook page. The advice they gave, was that fb was advised that my account is fake. So, I tried to update with my mobile number, but no text code for verification was received by me. So, I waited a week, after many attempts at contacting, explaining and emailing fb, (you must be logged in to respond or comment on a feedback or help thread!). Then, nearly a week ago, I finally succumbed and sent them my govt id, as per their request, as I was unable to log in with my phone. I have still not heard back, not received any confirmation or clarification emails from them, even advising that they have received the documents that I sent them. Im really unsure as to what to do, or whom to contact from here.

    Do you have any advice for me? What would you do from here.
    Kindest appreciation, S.

    1. Sylph,

      My situation same as yours. Till now I still haven’t receive any code. I had emailed them my ID for verification but with no reply. The worst part, I don’t know who I can contact to make my process easier.

      But what I think fb did is total bs. There are more people using fake ID around fb with picture of celebrity as their profile picture and they are still around using fb.

    2. Im having the same problem, 7 days now since I sent id and no reply…appalling customer service by Facebook.

    3. Hi there. I wouldn’t worry too much if it’s only been 7 days, sadly some people I know have waited several weeks to get a response. Are you struggling to get a text sent to your phone?

    4. Two weeks now and no response, have sent in my ID numerous times to various email addresses. Cant confirm with mobile as it’s an old number so the code is being sent to the old number and the checkpoint doesnt give you the option to change your number :/

  10. i’ve already try all of method from you sir, starting send “f” to 32665 and 3265, also method on this page n others but its still same.. i’ve two facebook account before, first account i’ve created at 2009 and second i’ve created at early last february but both of these, i cant login.. i can see all notification from both of account but i cant login.. so frustrated..!! so how i should do to recover back all of these??

  11. I discovered my phone will receive an SMS from another computer. I tried my friends Ipad and another friends laptop at my house, but had no success. I had to be at someone else’s house on another network to receive my SMS. I think it might be linked to the IP address.


  13. Have tried many times for a code to set up FB connect. Never received a single code. Tried sending them a message through your link and the “Send” is blanked so unable to send. !!

    1. Yes the same problem for me. How the heck they are expecting us to recover our email if we can’t even click send to notify them. Stupid facebook.

  14. My account is temporarily blocked , it says if u type the code below u can view ur profile but I didn’t receive a confirmation code ..
    I can’t send the message on this number .. It says message sending failed .. :/
    Can u help ?? I tried all the above methods ..

  15. Recently I made a new Facebook after deleting my old one a long time ago. When I made the first new Facebook to “Please complete a security check”. I didn’t even get onto my account after the registration. After I clicked sign-up, I was directed to this page and now I can’t even use the account I created. I’ve made three accounts and have the same problem with every single account. I have no mobile phone, so therefore I cannot receive text messages. All I have is an IPOD TOUCH which can receive texts on an app I downloaded called TextNow. When I put that number in as my mobile number for the text to be sent to, I get sent nothing. No text from Facebook ever comes. As I said, this is the third Facebook I’ve made and nothing has worked. I’ve tried everything. I made a Google Voice and all that other stuff, but nothing works. On one of your other articles it said I could contact Facebook and you put a link, but I can’t even contact them because it won’t let me access my account, all I can access is the security check page. Please help me out if you have any clue what to do at this point. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hi Sony, thanks for taking the time to post a comment. Unfortunately I can’t send you a confirmation code as it will be a code for my account, not yours. Did you try the methods listed above?

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