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Saturday – The Waterfall of Decisions

So today started like every other for me; waking up looking out at the Islands off the coast of Bora Bora. Beautiful clear seas and lush green vegetation rising up from the beaches to the very peak of the low lining mountains.

True Story.

Unfortunately I then turned away from the canvas hanging above my bed and thought about the day ahead. I knew I had some important client work to do, and the house also needs a lot of cleaning (single guy living on his own, hello!), but then also there’s plan to finally get round to making some sushi, as well as talk Theology with a friend. Hopefully before the end of the day also squeeze in a film, board game, a cheeky game of squash or maybe even a little adventure.

So with the day over booked already, I caught myself thinking about Sunday and realised that’s fairly booked up too. Oh and so’s Monday to Wednesday. At this point I stopped thinking about the days ahead and pulled my attention back to today.

Time management was never my strong point (in fact … is it anyones???), but then my sleep-starved mind starting running over the decisions for today. Do I shower and grab breakfast before working? Or do I use those to break up a block of time associated with work? Do I work up till my friend arrives, or go shopping beforehand? Do I write up my thoughts (this article) and fill the web with one more page of ‘pure gold’, do I do that with a mug of steaming Indian coffee and some music playing…

Its strange how some decisions just get made without analysing them, while others you can put off making that entire choice with what would usually be the smallest of dullest of tasks.

“Perhaps it IS time to finally tidy the house instead of going back to the gym”

As I sit here with that cup of coffee, delaying the task of opening up Photoshop, I wonder what other mundane tasks people are chewing over this Saturday morning.

What are you putting off?


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Great article Paul, I’m certain I’ve done this at some point…
Writing a to-do list helps me to focus. I also try not to book out my entire week with socialising, so that I have time to do these things.

What am I putting off? Umm… cleaning my kitchen is the task at the moment. Not today though as I am in the big smoke of London. 🙂

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