Useful Links and Resources

Everyone has a collection of useful or frequently visited sites; as a web developer and designer I seem to have folders upon folders of them! Some websites are great for asking the community how to crack a particular annoying ‘nut’, while some are just collections of beautiful masterpieces to draw inspiration from.

Below is a small sample of useful sites I use, so that hopefully you may find a few new gems too. Enjoy

Web Development

jQuery - Javascript LibraryWebDesign Tuts+.Net MagazineSpoon Graphics - Blog

Creative Inspiration

Behance - Outfitting creative to make ideas happenBest Web Gallery - Featuring the best designs on the web

Friends + Misc.

Oikos - Community / Collaboration / CommunicationAnt Hodges - Loyalty Marketing ConsultantHands Up - Support for GoodGateway Church Swindon - Gather Grow Go

Blender CGI

Blender Guru - Andrew P PriceBlender Cookie - Blender Education

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