Facebook Thumbs Down

Not receiving a mobile confirmation code from Facebook?

Facebook Thumbs Down

Updated November 2012, new article posted: If the information below doesn’t help, I’ve posted a second article that supplies some more suggestions on how you can get your confirmation code to work. Check out the new articles: More help with Facebook Confirmation Codes when you’ve tried these more likely suggestions.

Ahhhh Facebook, the royal thorn in everyone’s side!

Tonight I’ve just been trying to mess around with the social media features for blogs and websites, namely Twitter and Facebook, but alas one is not playing ball.

Implementing Twitter’s “Tweet This” button couldn’t have been easier; very simple and bug free online wizard runs you through the basic options, generates your code and voila! Easy peazy.

Confirmation Code for Facebook
Not receiving your activation code? Simply text “F” to 32665 from your mobile

Adding Facebook’s “Like This” button however was not such a stroll through the park. First of all their wizard seemed quite buggy and the preview would just randomly vanish, but leaving it to cool down for a few hours seems to have fixed that.

The main problem I had, was after finishing the wizard it comes up saying I need to verify my developers account by either credit card or mobile number. Well they can sod off if I’m giving them my credit card, so mobile option it was. After entering in my mobile number 3 times to the wizard, every time “successfully” sending me a confirmation code, nothing had arrived.

To cut a long story short, and to avoid anyway the pain and sheer misery of looking through Facebook’s pointless help section, the answer came quite easily from someone elses blog (Thank you God for Google).

Simply texting “F” to 32665 and you instantly receive a 6 character confirmation code. (It was so instant that I hadn’t even noticed my text had sent yet)

Enter that into the corresponding area under settings on Facebook and boom it all works! (Dont forget to instantly deactivate SMS alerts otherwise you’ll be pestered every time a ‘friend’ mentions what they had for tea, plus you’ll be charged for it too)

Now I can add a Facebook ‘Like’ button on my blog (although by the time you read this I may be so annoyed with it I’ve removed it lol)

So to conclude…

Not receiving your Facebook confirmation code?

Text "F" (without quotes) to 32665 and you should instantly receive the code

Hope this helps cut down on some implementation headaches people may be having.

Update: August 2012

Ok so this is one of my most popular pages, which means there’s A LOT of people struggling to get their phone authorised with Facebook. Unfortunately looking around the net there seems to be no golden-bullet answer. Significant amounts say this method works, as well as a lot saying it doesn’t.

If you drop a comment below please include your phone carrier / operator, your location and ANY error/warning messages you get. I’ll try to build some sort of solution/report to help everyone.

If you can change your password – try that before requesting a new authorisation code to your mobile. Sometimes this has reported to have worked, but it obviously depends on why you’re requesting the code in the first place.

Submitted by a reader, one possible solution is to attempt texting the number to 3265 and NOT the number I’ve stated. I can’t confirm or deny this, so attempt this at your own risk.

Another submission to fix locked verification routines is to set up a new account (seriously?!) and use the same phone number. Verify this number using your secondary account and then it should unlock the routine for your primary account. A very round-the-houses way of doing it, but I suppose if you’re desperate its worth a shot. Again do all this at your own risk, you may end up with two-screwed accounts.

Update October 2012

I’ve just posted a second page of tips about this subject. If you’ve tried everything on this page and still are ripping your hair out over Facebook’s confirmation system, check out October’s Facebook post on Security Code Confirmation.

A secondary update, this time in November, was submitted by a reader of this blog. He pointed out how to fit Facebook’s confirmation code into the box when they send you a 8 digit code instead of 6 digits.

I read every comment and will usually reply if you ask any questions.

Plus it often helps other visitors in the future.

200 thoughts on “Not receiving a mobile confirmation code from Facebook?

  1. I am registered on Facebook with my mobile number and I am forget the password and now I can’t recipe confirmation code to access my account
    When I try to login this message appear to me
    Before you can log in to Facebook, we need to verify who you are. To help us confirm your identity, you need to be able to access one of the email accounts associated with your Facebook account.
    And because of registering with mobile number and without email I send a copy of my passport from 2 days and until now no one reply to me
    Please I need help . How I can login again to my account as fast as possible

  2. It is unbelievable what a level of incompetence does Facebook administration has.
    All started when I deleted browsing history. Every saved password was not removed apart from the Facebook’s.
    Trying to login in and Facebook suppose to send a code which never arrives. The mobile number is registered into the Facebook account.
    Filled a report form in which you are asked to submit a copy of your civil ID as an attachment (insanity).
    Just being notified that your request is open and nothing more.
    These people are so proud of themselves but their degree of incompetence is much high.

    1. Lo and behold!! This worked for me. Thank you thank you. I have been so frustrated for 3 weeks. Got a new phone AT&T transferred all info. FBOOK wanted ID to prove who I was. Sent the ID and was told ok to login. Still couldn’t and couldn’t get a response on the subject from them. So when I ask to reset pass word, was told they sent a 6 digit code. They didn’t so I tried over and over until they told me I was abusing the system and then I couldn’t even use the the PW reset anymore. Then I tried what they told to do here on this blog. You were a life saver for me. Your solution is still working March 2016.

    2. Question if u press the send code again on Facebook messenger how do you unblock yourself

  3. Thank you for this tip! It worked instantly. Very helpful solution that I was unable to find anywhere else on the web, let alone Facebook’s own support page!

  4. Still having the same kinds of problems. I found your site after I already fixed the problem a different way. Enable code generators and install Google Authenticator on your phone. Facebook will accept third party code generators. Just add the account in Google Authenticator and scan the QR code Facebook gives you and bingo. Works very well.

  5. Three years after your original post, texting 32665 still works. Thank you – I’d gotten pretty frustrated about this!

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  7. alright so i kept sending in my phone number and I never received any codes.. and so I tried the f solution… I got a code now but im still confused on where to go to put it into to get back into my account..it said Sorry, we have already tried texting multiple codes and they all seem to have failed. Please click here to get help

    1. That seems very strange (and frustrating) Ariana. If you wait 48 hours, does their error message go away? Failing that, can you get a code sent to a friends phone instead?

    2. I’m having the exact same issue! Ariana, were you able to figure this out?


  8. hi paul, im from philippines, i cant receive the mobile code, ive tried multiple phones, but still no codes..

  9. Thanks, your information help me a lot. I can not figure how to get confirmation code until visit your page.

  10. Hi Mr.Paul . Im So Proud Of You 🙂 Thanks For The Helping Mr.Paul . Thanks You So Much 😀

  11. hey poul , i came from malaysia .
    my problem is , when i enter my phone number to get a code , it say “Sorry, we have already tried texting multiple codes and they all seem to have failed”
    I don’t know what to do . Please help me !!

  12. hey…Paul Joyce…i’am Tung Hoe how are you doing…i need a Confirmation Code right now wideout use any of mobile phone can you help me please….ok

    1. I’m afraid that without a mobile phone you can’t receive a confirmation code. Could you get the code sent to a family member or friend?

  13. I followed your advice and I was able to regain access to my facebook account and then promptly delete it. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Paul… from your idea, finally I can received the CODE and i can regain my Facebook… but actually we need to type HELP instead of “F” and send to 32665. It’s like we need to say “hello” to Facebook first before their system can send you the code!

      Thanks again!

  14. hi mr.paul,
    i am in uae using etisalat network for browsing facebook.i am not getting facebook confirmation code sending request on 2474 even my request sms can not delivered to 2474

    1. Hi there Aftab, a few people have reported that that network isn’t compatible with Facebook. I can’t check on my phone, but is that number you used definitely correct? Could you try a friends phone who is on a different network?

  15. The first network was t mobile croatia, and the second was vipnet. I only recieved a code to vipnet number, nothing else. I really dont get where was the problem but this might help someone else from Croatia:)

    1. previously i activated this service on same network but after 13 april i am not any sms from fb.so i removed my no.and tried to new activation but i am not getting confirmation code even my request msg is kept in pending and after 10 hrs it goes to fail.

  16. Paul I used mozilla. With a help from a friend I gained access to my acc. I wrote a different mobile number (other network) and the code came instantly. I dont know where was the problem with the first number I gave them

    1. Ah brilliant, glad to hear some people are finding other solutions to this annoying (and large) bug in Facebooks system. Do you mind me asking who your network was for your first number? Also what was the network of the number that worked? Just curious, when you finally got back in, did you receive any messages saying about the text messages you didn’t receive?

  17. hey paul

    how are you
    i have messaged f to 32665 but it is written sms barred from my mobile as i am having enough balance.and the service is etisalat.anyway to get sms or enter to my account

    why is this so??

    1. Hi Hafeez,
      I’m good, thanks for asking. Do you mean the SMS couldn’t be sent? If so, best bet would be to try and use someone elses phone perhaps. Other people have registered troubles with Etisalat, so perhaps try someone on a different network. Hope that helps a bit

  18. Sent the F to 32665 as suggested and Facebook sent an email saying that the company said number no longer valid.

  19. i have lost my old number . i cant login in facebook for two months…is there any way to login in with new number or without confirmation code …

  20. problem fixed after 1 month!!!!!
    had the same problem,i lost my account because facebook is not sending a confirmation code to my phone,but today i tried to put another phone number that belongs to my friend who lives in UK and he received immediatly the code,in like 30 sec, so if you have anyone living there just do it and it will work.

  21. i havent got any access to my fb account because first of all, accidentally i remove phone listened and also i have changed phone number. The worst thing about it is that when i put my password it shows me that i havent got any phone number listened and the only thing that i can do it to contact users of operator team. Many times i send them the issue im facing but i didnt get any replies back. Please if you could help me i really appreciate it ! Thanks.

  22. dido you are very correct. i was not able to access my account for some months but i did what u said, i have managed to get a code, thanks.

    1. please inform me what have you done?? I m facing same problem . dont receiving any code from day before yesterday.. PLease inform me n help me out

  23. well I had my nickname on fb and some reported as a fake and they have temp locked me until its verified and my mobile number was not updated so therefore sec code cnt be sent to that coz I dnt have no access to it. so I mailed them 40 fifty times and filled about 50 forms out and sent my id four times nothing has been done no reply and lost contct with my family facwbook is bloody crap plz reply bk to me and help me many thanks email me

  24. Dear Paul,

    Thank you for the information. I’ve just found this website after my account locked for almost two days. I’ve been so frustrated for not receiving the text from Facebook even though ask them to resend so many times.

    But here’s a new problem. After sent “F” to 32665, they replied me with a confirmation code, and I entered the code to my Facebook account, it said that the code is incorrect or expired! I sent the “F” again and got replied the same code.

    What should I do now, Paul?

  25. I have a big problem. Please help
    My account has been suddendly suspended for 24 hours. When 24 hours passed I tried to log in but they wanted verification.

    I wrote my phone number but the verification code didnt arrive. I tried it 2 times. Then facebook suspended me again for 24 hours

    This account is very important to me bacause I have on it my business page with large amount of liked. I was even paying for ads.
    Please what to do now? Help!!!

  26. Hi Mr. Paul,

    How to solve my problem? My FB account still “temporarily locked” since last Thursday. After follow all the step given including sending my “driving licence” and “passport”, the problem still the same.
    Actually, what is the best way to get the “verification code”? My contact no. is correct, but I didn’t get any code from them. Please advice.

  27. Hello, and thank you for the great post ,
    i am having the same issue i have deleted all the recognized devices , and since facebook had stopped the voice calls for login confirmation , i find myself unable to receive security code by text messages , my phone number is an ” ‘alfa’ / orascom telecom ” number , i am from Lebanon , middle east , i tried to send F to 1017 , or 32665 and 3265 , it seems the problem is from alfa , i also reported the login approval issue and sent a copy of my passport and university ID to confirm its me several times and still no reply , if you have any fix yet please let me know about it . NB: i tried resetting my password and still blocked at the inserting code screen after the new password . nothing seems to work and facebook ppl are not responding what is damn wrong with these people .. i tried creating a new account and submitting the phone number to it , also didn’t help because no code where sent to my phone number for confirmation . looking forward to hear from you guys !!

  28. Hi Paul,
    I can’t open my Facebook. I send all my Driver license Information but still didn’t received yet this is my 3rd day. Also i tried Conformation code but i didn’t received any text message in my Iphone 5. Need a help if you have any idea please?

  29. hello everybody today i experienced the same problem “not recieving the security code via sms” i tried evry single step from here and from other sites too … and my account was locked and i coudn’t log in :/ …..and btw i’m using chrome …. then i though mabe if i try to log in from explorer mabe this is gonna work … and i was right … they just told me that somebody tried to log in using my account and they asked me if i’ts okey with it and clicked “it’s okey” and i named the device then they asked me to change my password and i get back to chrome and i changed the password again and now everything is fine 🙂 …. if this workes with you or if u used another way DON’T FORGET to turn the security code off 🙂

  30. Try active Facebook Texts at http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=mobile, you will get confirmation code.

  31. I cant receive a facebook confirmation code to reset my password. I am using Pocket Galaxy Sumsung and I am from Africa, Malawi.

  32. Hello All,

    I am using Facebook from 4 years but in few days my Facebook need’s a Verification from my Mobile.But When i send Code from Facebook to my Mobile that message is not coming to my mobile.Please i need to accesses my account i have do my Works and i have a page too.And i trying Facebook help but nothing is happening.I also trying this link http://www.facebook.com/help/contact/283958118330524?rdrhc but When i try to send it is not sending? Why i need my account Back and i am also alone with out my friends.

    Please i want my Account Back!!!! 🙁

    1. I just tried that link… In your response but the “SEND” button was disabled. So I have to manually change the button to enabled.

  33. It’s awesome for me to have a web page, which is beneficial in favor of my know-how. thanks admin

  34. I’ve been using my FB account for more than a year without any issues. BUT, a few days ago, it asked me to verify my ID. Have not received my confirmation code via text. I tried to “resend code”, but that didn’t work either. I can no longer access my account because I can’t verify the confirmation code. ARRRGGGHHH!! I operate a business and need to access my PAGE, any suggestions? I’ve tried the ENDLESS contact forms…NOTHING.

    1. I’m having the same problem. Someone reported me as being fake. I cannot access my account. They ask me for a number to send verification code and I did. No verification code came through. Then they disabled me from sending my phone number again and they direct me to facebook help center which is annoying because no one can help. I even tried sending my Id but still nothing . What do I do??? I can’t even see my own page on another friends account.

  35. why i cant receive my confirmation code
    in mobile facebook ,, i tried many times
    and i alwys receive thank u for using mobile
    facebook sms pls help

  36. If you have conditional call forwarding enabled (example: Google Voice) then you will not receive the confirmation text from Facebook. Disable Google Voice or any other call forwarding features first. Call another phone and verify that your CARRIER ASSIGNED number is displayed and then text F to 32665 and it will work.

    1. Then screw Facebook. This demand for your phone number is offensive enough; now they’re going to pick and choose WHAT KIND of phone number you can provide?

      These jagoffs can’t be trusted with ANY information, but least of all a phone number.

  37. Hi there! I’m writing to you from Argentina. My problem is that I have created a facebook page for my institute of English, but NO ONE finds it!!! I’ve read that I can have a username and that’d make it easier for people/ students to find our page. But when I go to setting and try to create a username, facebook says that I should receive a code at my mobile but that never happens. What might be going on?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  38. Hi!
    I can’t get my confirmation code in Facebook..
    Please can u help me to resolve this problem >> thank u

    1. I tried to resubmit the code many times but it seems that is blocked..
      Also I submit my ID to Facebook to confirm that this account is not fake…They didn’t respond to me.. I tried to reset my pass but they want my code again ..:S



  40. My account has been “Temporarily Blocked” due to me being an Admin of a page on Facebook which has been reported even though I did not distribute any abuse or go outside the rules of Facebook.
    I went through the whole process of my blocked account and I passed all the tests of verification until the part where it said a code has been sent to your mobile but the number I have set up with Facebook at the moment is an old one and therefore I cannot access it. The other Admin’s had the same problem but got their confirmation codes and are now back on Facebook. So because I could not receive a confirmation code by text another option was to send a copy of my passport for identity. I sent a copy of my passport over 3 times yesterday because I was paranoid and still have not received an email back yet telling me that it was okay and that I can now access my account again.
    Please please help. I can’t deal without my Facebook.

    1. Hi David. Have they supplied further details than just saying its ‘temporarily blocked’? Time scale etc? Have you read through the comments below, some users have suggested other ways that have worked for them. This form for example has been suggested, Facebook. Facebook can be such a pain at times, I feel your pain 🙁

  41. You could also try that form to report an issue.


  42. i m not gettin any code :(….i dont want 2 lose dat account coz i’v many frens there ..plz help me out…i’v sent “f” to 32665 bt it neither can be sent…

    1. okay, do not worry mate!

      here a form to report the issue- https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/?id=283958118330524

      fill the required fields:
      1- your emai adress you have been using to login facebook profile.
      2- mobile carrier- NTC for Nepal 😀
      3- Cell no. you have been using for login approval.
      4- Country- Nepal, obviously!

      then the facebook team will send you a message informing to send a proof of your ID including the correct BIRTH DATE that should match the one in your profile.
      Reply to the message with a proof and wait until they respond!

      Hope that works, good luck!

  43. i am from Nepal. i do have same problem. confirmation code not sent! message not sent from my network to 32566! what the heck! am i going to lose my facebook profile??

    1. Vijay, greetings from England to Nepal. Unless you have other information as to why, you shouldn’t lose your profile, you just may not be able to access it until you’re authorised. Have you tried the second page of hints, linked to at the top of this page?

    2. nothing worked! i sent the scan copy of my passport as well! they haven’t responded yet! if they do not respond then the only option would be to create new profile. this is ridiculous! how can one not access his own profile!

    3. i was pretty worried! i got the response finally right now. they have removed the block on my account. HURRAY!

      thankyou Paul for your help; it was a good support at hard times! thanks a lot!

  44. You give the URL for a form to fill out, but the Send button is greyed-out, so it’s useless. I found another form, not entirely geared to the verification issue, but I’ve completed it and sent it anyway. Here’s the address. I will of course let you know if I’ve been successful in regaining access to my account.

    1. I have sent in the form, and immediately received an e-mail from the Facebook Team to say I had to submit proof of ID, which I’ve done. I will keep you posted!

    2. Just to let you know that filling in that form I mentioned above and providing proof of ID has worked: i’ve got access to my account again!

  45. Also having problems with the confirmation code. I had one account disabled, and created a new one, different name (maiden name), different e-mail address. All fine for about 24 hours when I was suddenly asked (WHILE LOGGED ON) to confirm my identity, after which I was kicked out of my account. I couldn’t log back on, I was asked to enter my mobile number. Have received no confirmation code so far. I live in Spain and use Vodafone, not exactly an obscure provider. Tried texting the F to 32665, but it will not even send the message…. I despair, I really do….

  46. 8 digits code on 6 digits form field: on FF you can use Firebug to edit maxlength=”6″ to maxlength=”8″. Type in the code and that’s it, worked for me. Maybe it’s just a trick to see who is a real developer?

    1. Hi Pedro. If that works for my users who are stuck with this bug, you sir, are a genius. Great spot! I have informed them to see if they can duplicate your success

    2. the same thing happened to me, but in the SMS they also mentioned that you can visit a web site, so, I visited that website, added my phone numer and the problem solved. Now, I’m a developer

    3. Brilliant news, thanks Bob! Because of this message and Pedro’s fix, I’ve put together a article about it so hopefully more people can see Pedro’s solution. Big thanks to Pedro for finding this

  47. Hi

    I was told by Facebook that there was a problem with my account and had to confirm my identity. the next stage asks me to enter the confirmation text but i haven’t received it. this is what im assuming is an ‘security confirmation code’ rather than just a ‘confirmation code’ used for initializing facebook mobile notifications. I’m in Grecce at the moment and wondering whether that has something to do with the message not coming through. I’ve also tried sending a copy of my passport to facebbok to the appropriate email address but had no reply. HELP

    1. Hi Josh. Thanks for taking the time to post. Can you change the number you’ve registered, or will it not let you in that far? If so can you add the Greek dialing code before your mobile number. If you hear anything back regarding the passport please drop me a message, I’m still convinced they do nothin with the documents.

    2. Enter confirmation code

      A code was sent to your following number: 44779xxxxxxx

      Once you’ve received your confirmation code, please enter it below. This will help confirm your account ownership.

      Resend code

      Security code:

      This is what it shows and it won’t let me change anything…

      also when i click resend code it just says ‘you have tried too many times, please try again later’

      Still havent heard anything back from them regarding the passport photo…

  48. It’s been weeks already and facebook still not sending me my confirmation code. Please help me.

    1. Hi, Paul Joyce. I’ve tried. But still not getting any confirmation code on my mobile. I was trying to contact facebook using the facebook form you provided here but wasn’t able to send it cause I can’t even click the “send” button.

    2. Hi Keith. That’s so annoying the form doesn’t work! Can you try a different browser? What network are you on in which country? What is the first few digits of the number you entered?

  49. My facebook says i need a security code to get on it…. but i no longer have access to this number. [number removed] orange.

  50. i haven’t recieve conformation code.. I tried also another e mail add because they asked me new e mail add where they can access me

  51. I have received 2 different mobile confirmation code from Facebook, both 8 digits long to enter into the field that allows only 6 digits. I’ve text F to 32665 and received the 8-digit code again. Help?

    1. That’s exactly what I have had for 48 hours, receiving an 8 digit code to enter into a 6 digit box. When you enter this & of course it doesn’t work you will then receive a message to say that “you have made too many errors”. Too many errors? Try counting the characters Facebook, 6 comes after 5 and 8 comes before 9, did you get that? Duh!

    2. Hi Po & Ric,
      A user has just submitted a method for getting the 8 digit code to work, check it out and please drop me a reply if it does/doesnt work.
      Facebook 8 digit code

  52. dear Paul,

    I have receive a confirmation code but it is too long!

    I am living in Vietnam and I asked it to a friend of mine that is living in UK. He got a 8 digits code, but the maximun allowed is 6. I tried several times with different phones to get the code by myself but it was impossible to receive it….

    1. Hi Victor, I have only just heard about this 6-8 digits long problem, ill do some investigating. Keep your eyes posted on here for a solution if I find one. Sorry nothings worked so far

    2. I am in experiencing the same thing trying to register on the developer site. I have also tried going to the URL that is sent in the same text message and that simply takes me to my facebook page but does no appear to allow me access to the developer site thereafter.

    3. Hi Paul. I was already signed into the developer site http://developers.facebook.com and was trying to register as a developer in order to develop a Facebook app.

  53. How do we type in the confirmation code because for mine it says:
    You are requesting too many codes in a short period of time. Please try again later.

  54. my account has locked and it need a confirmation code and it is removed by me so i click on resend code button but there is message is shown “you are trying often please try again latter”
    so how can i get a new cod ?

    1. Hi Farheen. Have you requested many codes? If so how long have you left it before trying again? Have you tried the suggestions on my other page; Facebook confirmation code suggestions”

    1. Hi Sanjay, are you receiving anything? I’ve literally just posted a few more ideas and hints on how to get the confirmation code, see if any of them help (Page 2) Verifying your Facebook account

  55. My account is permanently locked when i try to access it asks for confirmation code sent to my phone.
    But i never get such code, i tried many times, please help.
    How to get unlocked code from user operation team through email ?

    1. Hi Sandesh, how did it become permanently locked? Try the help discussed on our new page Verifying your Facebook account
      Hopefully that’ll help.

  56. i haven’t recieve conformation code.. I tried also another e mail add because they asked me new e mail add where they can access me and send a code with. Plz help me….

  57. I am having the same issue since laast thursday, said i need a code and one has been sent to my mob number, but i dont recieve one, so i sent a txt to that number, i keep gettin thee same code and when i use it, facebook tellss me it is incorrecct or out of date, i have sent my id to facebook, no reply, emailed them requently, no reply, pleasse can someone help? I have things on my account i need, please help??????

    1. Hi Daniel.
      What has happened since last Thursday; did you get kicked out of your account, or was it hacked, or what? How long ago did you send them your ID? I’ve yet to hear of anyone who’s heard back from Facebook regarding these kinda of issues, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. Are you trying to authorise your account (for an API) or your identity to login?

    2. Facebook was working fine both online and on my phone, then last thursday it ssuddenly would not let me log in on either, just went to the account authorisation page, saying i had been ssent aa confirmation code, which i have not, i clicked rresend code, but nothing, so after countless tries (including txting f to thaat number which replies back with the same code everytime that does not work) i went to facebook help and sent an email with my id, no reply so i replied to a facebook automated email that told me to if i hadnt heard aanything, and still nothing, so i still cant log onto my account? What else can i do?

    3. Hi Paul/Danile,

      Same thing happened to me. I was doing some updated on my FB Page settings last evening and suddenly this box appeared asking me to type in the verification code that was sent to my mobile (which never came). I tried re-sending the code but have not received any code so far. I also tried sending F to 32665 and received some code but kept getting a reject message – wrong code or expired etc.

      This is so frustrating.


    4. Same problem here, what to do next?

      I’m not getting code on my phone.
      I’ve send them my I.D. photo thousand times.

      Also, can you please tell me how did you solve your problems, cause mine started yesterday…
      So, If there’s a hope that Facebook will send code or do something with ID within few days, I’ll wait.

      But google results say different … -.-


    5. This morning I tried to log into facebook, however, got a notice that I sign up with an unknown device. I tried to login with the same device from which most of the time I have been registering. I do not know if perhaps the problem is that I have had to restart the computer for some sort of upgrade, Firefox, etc. Than arrived notice which ask security code I’ve normally done if there were any problems with login, but the code never arrived at my number, I even clicked a few times on the Resend code, so I got a notification that I’m abusing this feature. It was not my intention, I just tried to log into my profile.
      I am also from Croatia, like Luka.

  58. Hi Paul.
    Wondering if you have any idea what I can do to resolve my problem. It’s a stab in the dark but I’ve tried everything else.

    Basically I logged on about 10 days ago and was confronted by a screen saying that I needed to verify my identity and that a code was texted to my mobile number.
    Easy enough, if that mobile was even still in existence- I lost it about a year ago, and now live on the other side of the world.

    Now facebook seems to have a way of sorting this issue out; you can send a photo/scan of government issued ID to verify the account. I’ve tried this numerous times, and have recieved no confirmation or anything via email, apart from one email (to my facebook registered email) suggesting that I was using the wrong email address, which I’m not.

    It’s all very odd, if you had any ideas what could be going on or how I can try to fix it I’ll be eternally grateful (sad, I know)


    1. Hi David, thanks for the question.
      That seems like a right pickle you’ve found yourself in. Lost/stolen mobiles seems to be a big problem for Facebook as they’ve only half built a ‘phone validation’ system it seems.
      Can you request a new password, if so, will that then remove the authorisation screen? If not, does it allow you to access the mobile settings panel?
      Little word of warning, don’t reset it more than once in a 24hr period, they may block that too!
      Recently Facebook switched everyone’s emails over (apparently everyone BUT me it seems), so just double check you were using the right account. Easy mistake to make. Do you have to send them the attachment FROM the registered account, or just quote what your email account details are? Just curious, thankfully never needed to do that option.

      Hope this helps a little bit

    2. Paul.
      Thanks for your reply mate. It hit me as a revelation as I just tried to change my password, which it let me do, but the validation screen remains.

      It gave me the option of changing my email address, but not my phone number.

      It did, however, confirm that I’ve been using the right email address to contact facebook, like I said, I’ve sent off a scan of my passport a couple of times and just not heard back yet.. it could just be a case of waiting?

      Just as a side note, an email address that looks like info+1yys8qq.aeate4t9ym@support.facebook.com, for example, is an actual contactable email address, and not just an automated one.. isn’t it?.. I’ve sent an email to that as well, after recieving some hazy correspondance telling me about the wrong email address.

      Thanks again for your help.


    3. Hi David,

      Sorry for the long delay. Any break-throughs occurred over the weekend?

      Although I can’t confirm that is an actual email address you quoted, it is a valid one. Full stops and plus signs are valid characters before the @ symbol. It may unfortunately be a case of waiting but I’m sure that doesn’t help the situation 🙁

      I would love it if you could keep me in the loop about this, it would definitely help other people out who’re in the same position.


  59. sir,
    well i sent a sms to 32665 and receive the code when put that code facebook says; the code you entered is incorrect or expaired please try again having the coad sent check your in box. Butt evry time i sent
    text to 32665 he send a same code. Any suggestion help i am desperate .

    1. Any break-through’s with this?
      One reader has submitted that using “3265” is the right code, I can’t confirm this but it might be true.

  60. Any one please help me out. I received a code and when i entered it says its incorrect.
    I entered the same mobile number again to receive a new code but it says you are requesting too many codes in a short period of time..try again?? I tried it yesterday and today again and it displays the same message…Please let me know what should i do now and after how long i should try to give the mobile number on which i ll receive the code

  61. I’m from Bulgaria and i have a problem with security code on facebook,I sent F to 32665 and nothing :((((( And now what?

    1. you need to rest ur pasword and w8 max 4 days. And then you try again i hope u receive security code. No need to send text on fb. Security code is defr from confrm code. Please w8 5days and then try.

  62. As of yesterday Facebook is now requesting that i issue a verification code in order to allow me to have access to my already established facebook account. I don’t have a phone which receives text messages, it is not in my plan. Is it possible to call my carrier for help on this? Do you know if all carriers are accepted to receive these verification codes?

    thank you for your help

  63. Sir i dont receive my facebook confirmation code.Please send me the solution in my email or my cellphone number.

    my cellphone number is +977984655XXXX
    my email is (removed)

  64. i’m not recieving any confirmaton code from facebook, i tried to send a msg to 51555 five times … but didn’t recieved any code … wtf

  65. Sir.. m not getting conformation code on my phone so that i can log into my account….. plzz hlp me

  66. hello sir iam not recieving confirmation code on my mobile plz help iam so worried about it iam from pakistan ? and how can i recieve code again solution plz

  67. Hi Mr Paul
    well i`m receiving the code via sms but unfortuntelly i`m getting the message that the security code is incorrect or expired.
    can i have solution and also i didn`t understand where to put F to 32665

  68. I have the same problem can any one sort out this problem. I can send password and id

  69. Hello there!
    I am trying to set up the option of receiving text codes when using new devices. However, I’m not receiving the confirmation code, I removed the mobile phone and re-added it and the problem is still the same. I receive comments & likes text messages, yet, not the confirmation code for the security. Any hints? Thanks!

    1. solved the problem, blocked my account for 2 days, I was so upset I started to look for a solution, I did it: I created a new account on facebook and I used the same phone number for verification, this resulted in the removal of a number from my old profile, then logged on the old profile and I was asked to enter a mobile number, I used the same number again, then there was the choice of verification, I used the verification by phone, after a while I received a call, with the code. 🙂 Later I removed the new Facebook profile. and everything was as before.

      and the number to send F on is 3265 🙂

  70. Yes but it wont let me into my profile to change it. im stuck a security checkpoint that wont let me back into my profile until i give them the confirmation code

  71. Facebook is sending my confirmation code to the wrong number. any way to fix this

    1. Hello Sean,
      You should be able to change your number within your facebook settings? You’ll probably have to signin on a computer rather than a phone to change it though. I assume its sending the confirmation code to an old number of yours?

  72. well, i tried to send this, but it didnt manage to …it is saying its some kind of error….is there any other number to send this message

    1. Hi B, thanks for commenting. Are you still getting this error? If so, what is the actual error? I don’t believe they do have another short code number to send to unfortunately; if they do though I’d love to know it cos the amount of people who seem to be suffering from this silly system bug of theirs.

    2. Thanks for reply, but i just send them the copy of my passport and they fixed the problem immediately.

    1. I listened to your advice, it did send me a code which I typed, but my account just seems to be blocked, it always says “This code has expired”, which just does not make sense.

  73. i have almost the same problem i text ed “F” to 32665 and i got the code and entered it and guess what it told me its wrong or expired
    what shall i do !!

  74. naõ consigo mas entra no meu facebook
    travou, estou esperando o codigo de comfirmação a duas semana e nada ja estou desgostando
    me ajuda ai quem tiver uma solução….

  75. i can’t receive my facebook confirmation code to my mobile since last night, one of my friend is encountering the same problem, i use Emtel, from Mauritius, can anyone help me out with this, please?

    1. hi im also from mauritius and im going through the same problem….tell me has your problem been solved??

  76. Every time I send a message it just says message not sent. All I want is for the notification texts.i

  77. hmmm…I texted to 32665 but what it sent back to me is service is currently unavailable.please try again later.thank you..

  78. Im on the verge of ripping my hair out!

    I’ve been using the app on my iPhone and I had it set up for security checks, so I’d have a code sent to me via SMS or e mail, to make sure it was me who was logging into my account. I had a friend request and other things that weren’t showing up when I refreshed the page, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Now I’m stuck. It’s saying I can’t recieve a code because I have no phone number attached to my account, which is wrong because I was just gettin messages before I uninstalled. I’ve tried to log on with a different device and it’s saying it’s not a recognized device, so I can click “resend code” . I do and it won’t come through! It’s a vicious circle! Please help me! ;((

    1. That sounds like very odd behaviour from their app/system. If you log into Facebook from a desktop/laptop, can you see which number you’ve got paired (if any) with the account? Mine can be found under Account Settings -> Mobile?

  79. well i sent a sms to that number and guess waht?!!! I receive the code and when i put that code facebook says :The security code you entered is incorrect or expired. Please try having the code sent to you again.” Im so pissed off. I cant get access to my account for a week and more. Any suggestion? Help im desperate

    1. Hmm I’m not sure. The code you entered was definitely the latest one they sent you? They may expire old codes if a new one is requested. What phone carrier are you with?

  80. I am not receiving my 6 character confirmation code after txting F to 32665. I have tried multiple times in the last few weeks and still nothing. I used to have this random email like utter345fix@m.facebook.com to send my pics or statuses to, but now thats not working, and the confirmation code never worked for me..

  81. OMW! I’ve spent ages trawling through the Facebook s*** help forums but this finally works. Thanks Paul

    1. Hi Kaz12008, glad the article was of help and thanks for posting your feedback. Hope the rest of your Facebook API interaction is smooth sailing.

  82. Hi
    Frustrated with Facebook, I tried your approach without any result. Is this number common in all countries? Or do you have any updates on this topic?

    I like your text “this is my site …”.

    1. Hi there Milind,
      Yeah Facebook integration is very frustrating, but their API does provide quite a lot of flexibility… assuming you can get the thing working.

      I think it is an international number, so should be the same in all countries that Facebook have allowed it. Once I got it working I didn’t look into it much further I’m afraid, although from the number of hits I get to this article from Google it appears there’s a lot of people having trouble receiving their code.

      Are you receiving your code?

      Thanks for your comment about “this is my site” 🙂

    2. Yes, your number worked, and I received FB code immediately, thank you for that.

      But the Code they sent didnt work either, FB has no system of launching complaints, nor anything works when all of a sudden your account gets blocked.

      Thanks anyway your website was really helpful, at least I received a code

      FB systems need some sort of improvement.

    3. I have tried doing it but It is always “message not sent” maybe due to my carrier. I am from Saudi Arabia and is using Al Jawal. It is very frustrating that I dont receive facebook confirmation code when logging in.

      I hope someone could really help me out.

    4. Does your mobile come up with that message? If so you might not be able to send messages to ‘common short code’ numbers. All I could suggest (apart from perhaps contacting Al Jawal) would be to do specific location searches or name your carrier in the search as well. There’s likely to be other people in Saudi Arabia who’re in the same boat.
      Sorry I couldn’t be of any real help Francis, please let me know if you make any progress on this and I’ll update my article to include your results.

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