How to remember the OSI 7 model in order

Remembering the OSI 7 Model – Mnemonics

The order that the different layers of the Open Systems Interconnection 7 model are found in matters hugely; needless to say you in certain IT roles you cant afford to forget where the data link layer occurs, or which layer comes before another, etc. Remembering the correct order of the layers will definitely save you getting egg on your face, it may even save you buying the wrong equipment!

There are many mnemonics to remember the layers, some of the best ones I know are shown below. However if you’ve forgotten what the OSI-7 layers are, they’re repeated here for your convenience (from bottom up to top)

  1. Physical
  2. Bit Link
  3. Network
  4. Transport
  5. Session
  6. Presentation
  7. Application

I’ve also written a very basic guide to the OSI-7 layers here, if you’re at a loss.

Bottom to Top:

“People Design Networks To Send Packets Accurately”

“People Don’t Need This Stuff Presented Anyway”

“Programmers Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away”

Top to Bottom:

“All People Seem To Need Data Processing”

“Please Do Not Tell Secret Passwords, Anytime!”

“All People Studying This Need Drastic Psychotherapy”

“American Post Sucks, They Never Deliver Parcels”

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